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Tsubaki Mikoto is a Human/Magical Girl from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family. She's also known as Kanon.
Tsubaki Mikoto


Name Tsubaki Mikoto
Alias Kanon
Age 21-23 (Pre-Defenders)
Weapon Enchanted Katana
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Race Human/Magical Girl
Allies Students:
  • Suzune Amano
  • Hilda Adams

Magic Gem Magical Girls

Affiliation Supporting:
  • Team Quintet
Appears in Supporting:
  • Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION

Magical Molly! THE GAME

One of the First Generation Magical Girls, Tsubaki Mikoto is one of the girls who trained Suzune Amano & Hilda Adams years ago. When she's not fighting Witches/Demons, she also currently works as Taylor Kelley's caretaker, under the alias: Kanon.

Weapons/Magic Abilities

  • Kajiuria System - After being assimilated with the system, Tsubaki can use Magic Abilities.
  • "Full Boost" - Tsubaki can increase her magic's attack strength. However, due to the potential risk of overriding the system, Tsubaki would get killed if she further increases her Magic's strength.
  • Swordsmanship


  • "Karvero" Enchanted Katana - Tsubaki's main weapon, modelled after a Japanese sword, and is one of the Kavervo variants produced. The weapon's original name is derived from the Latin word "Curvo Ferro", which stands for "Curved Sword (a Katana)"

Magic Abilities

  • Fire Spells - Tsubaki can summon Fires with paper talismans. Also able to summon fireballs. The fire is also able to merge with the katana's blade, creating a fire sword.


  • Voice Actor:
    • Kate Higgins (English, all media)
    • Sachika Misawa (Japanese, all media)
  • Tsubaki's fighting style is Kenjutsu.[1]
  • The character's VA: Sachika Misawa, had previously voiced Kuroyukihime from Accel World.
  • Like her Suzune Magica counterpart:
    • She had a Katana, and her Fire Magic.
    • She's a caretaker.
    • Her name could also mean noble, precious, or revered.
  • Unlike her Suzune Magica counterpart:
    • She does not have the infamous "doomed anime mom" hairstyle, instead her ponytail is lied on her back.
    • She has a nickname.
    • She has two students, rather than one.
  • According to Morianna, Tsubaki had contacted with her since age 16.
  • She is one of the oldest Magical Girls appearing in the Magical Molly! Reboot universe, after Maria Thompson & Olivia Mikuni.
  • Whether she dresses herself up as a maid is yet to be seen.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: 美琴椿 (Mikoto Tsubaki) , カノン (Kanon)


  1. Magical Molly! THE GAME

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