The sixth episode and Season 1 finale of Anastasia's Magical Wish.


Stacey Komusome, Christine Hibi, Courtney Kyandoru, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe fight Kyoko Sakura, who has recently become a witch. Christina Hibi, Christine's little sister, witnesses the battle and realizes that their mother was a Puella Magi, as well. The team of Puella Magi eventually defeat Kyoko, but Sayaka grieves over her death. Eventually, instead of a Greif Seed, they find a reborn Kyoko (and I mean, reborn as a human baby) and she was given to Homura, who decides to make sure that Kyubey nor any other Incubator ever contracts with her again (P.S. Kyubey ran away and was never seen again).


Puella Magi



Kyubey (cameo)



Soon-to-be Puella Magi





Video:(Lyrics & Subtitles) Miki Sayaka & Sakura Kyouko Character Song - And I'm Home

This song was used as background music


Kyoko: Raaaaaaofokgkfijioerj! *attacks Madoka*

Madoka: Aaaah! *lands on the ground*

Homura: Madoka! *attempts to time travel*

Stacey: *stops Homura* Just wait. *attacks Kyoko*

Brown-haired girl: *walks in* Excuse me, but does anyone where my- *looks around and screams*

Christine: *looks at the girl* Christina! *grabs Christina in her arms*

Christina: O-oneechan?!

Stacey: She's your little sister?!?

Christine: Yep.

Mami: All right, kiddo. If you want your sister, you're going to have to wait outsi- *notices that the door's gone* Uh....

Christina: *sits down, frightened* Wh-wha-what's the heck's g-going on here?!

Christine: *looks at Christina* Shush it, little sis. You'll just get in the way. It's my duty to fight this witch.....*looks at Kyoko* Because I am a Puella Magi!

Christina: Puella.....Magi?

Kyubey: They're magical girls. *whispering to Christina* Your mother was one, too.

Christina: EEEEEHHHHH?!?

  • Mami attacks Kyoko*

Kyoko: kjiofjioh!

Madoka: *struggles to get up* Th-that was close, Mami.... *falls back down*

Sayaka: *heals Madoka*

Madoka: *gets up* Thanks, Sayaka-chan.

Sayaka: No biggie, Madoka. *attacks Kyoko*

Christine: *kicks Kyoko* How do you like that?

Christina: This is terrible! It's a good thing that I'm not one of them, though.

Kyubey: Then make a contract with me!

Christina: *hits Kyubey on the head* Shut it.

Courtney: *attacks Kyoko*


Courtney: Finish her off, Komusome-san!

Stacey: Thanks, Kyandoru-san! *kills Kyoko's witch* WE DID IT!!! We saved the world!

Sayaka: But we couldn't save Kyoko.....

  • All of the Puella Magi share a hug, all of them crying*

???: Don't cry.

  • Stacey, Christine, Courtney, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka and Mami look around*

Stacey: Is that....Kyoko?!

Kyoko's voice: I'm not gone just yet. Take a look at where my witch was.

  • They do, and they see a reborn Kyoko*

Kyoko: *walks up to Homura* Mama!

Homura: You mean, I get the reborn Kyoko?

Sayaka: Hey, where did Kyubey go?

Stacey: Probabyly as far away as though we'll never see him again!

End of episode!