タジ Taji
Tazhi Homestuck
SeasonLolita Pop
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorTeal
Alter EgoLibra Slade
Theme ColorTeal

Tazhi is one of the trolls of Lolita Pop.


Tazhi is a blind-eyed troll of the group, and can be impatient. Distracted by the Incubator Kyubey, he made up a contract for Tazhi, which makes Tazhi granted his wish to see things better, before he turned into an unusual Gurren Senshi. His Soul Gem turned dusty as he threatens Tavra and Karkit into rage, turning him into a dark source of the Witch Lusorie.

Ahako healed Tazhi after she defeated Lusorie, turning his Soul Gem into nothingness, but the key device of the trolls. Tazhi then finds a dragon-like mascot, allows to be his protector.


Libra Slade


  • Tazhi is the male counterpart of Terezi of the Homestuck series.
  • Like all twelve trolls, Tazhi is the seventh reference of the Zodiac symbols. His symbol is Libra, thus his Gurren Senshi alter ego and the teal-colored symbol.