Sumire Aihara
Name Sumire Aihara
Alias Aihara-sensei (by Asa)
Age 16
Soul Gem A purple flower located in the right side of her belly
Contract Wish "I wish I could make my mother live without interruptions... I want to make her see my future childs... If I will have one"
Color theme Purple
Weapon Pair of Steel Fans
Birthday 3rd January 2008
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 169cm
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Light Brown
Race Magical Girl
Blood Type O+
Home World Earth
Allies Naomi Nishijima, Chitose Aoyama, Elizabeth Ross, Mina Furuse, Momona Hachimitsu
Affiliation Huntresses of the City
Appears in Magical ✩ Girls: Hunter Machine

Sumire Aihara (愛原 スミレ Aihara Sumire) is one of the main protagonists in the fan made anime Magical ✩ Girls: Hunter Machine. She is the member of the Huntresses of the City. Sumire studies in Umiko High School.


Sumire grew up with a single mother in Mitakihara Town, her mother is an executive who spends most of her time outside, not having time for her.

Sumire is a only daughter and has always felt lonely since childhood because her mother did not give her the due attention she deserves for being a father orphan. When Sumire was twelve years old an accident almost took her life, but she survived, catching the attention of the girl's mother, because of this, she began to pay more attention to Sumire. A year later, Kyubey suddenly appears on the sidewalk where the girl was sitting, thus making a contract with him and becoming a magical girl.


Sumire is a kind and loving girl, she show to be the type who helps everyone without looking who.

Sumire can be very snob to the person she dislikes, she can't pretend she likes someone, she doesn't know how to.



Sumire can create different types of wind, she can create a huge purple tornado when she goes beyond the magic limit. To activate the ability, Sumire do a kind of ritual doing the belly dance with her fans. She controls the wind/typhoon/tornado with her flying fans that go in the direction that she wishes, they return to her hands after she turns the ability off.


Normal Form

Sumire has a purple curly hair who passes her shoulders. She have light brown eyes and wears Umiko High School uniform with dark blue 7/8 stockings and a pair of grayish light purple mary janes.

Magical Girl

Sumire's hair gets a light toned purple color. She uses a purple mask who only covers the mouth and the nose. Sumire wears a purple dress that almost shows her breasts, it shows the right side of her belly who is located her purple flower shaped Soul Gem. The dress have a crooked skirt with a chain belt with a locked purple metal heart as the pendant. She have a pair of white gloves with purple details who almost covers her entire arms. She have a 7/8 net purple stockings with purple cloths on her legs and purple heel shoes.


Yuka Aihara (mother)

Status: Alive


Naomi Nishijima (best friend)

Chitose Aoyama (best friend)

Mina Furuse (best friend)

Momona Hachimitsu (best friend)

Elizabeth Ross (best friend)

Izabel Ross (best friend)

Yoshi Takara (friend)

Mili (friend)

Aqua (friend)

Asa Kobuki (apprentice)


  • Sumire's name means violet and her surname means 藍 (ai) "indigo," "indigo plant" and 原 (hara, bara or wara) "field," "plain," "original."
  • Sumire is the second tallest girl in the group following Naomi
  • She is a model
  • Sumire and Momona passed 9 years studying in the same class, in those years they becomed best friends
  • She is the only girl in the group who doesn't fight witches to gain Grief Seeds, Sumire just wants to protect her mother and other persons
  • Sumire is the only one who tells to Yoshi think twice before decide to be a magical girl, taking her as a cheer to see her fighting over witches
  • Despite being popular in the school, Sumire already dated but does not want to go back to dating again



Soul Gem: [1]

Character made in Kisekae

Photo shooting studio: [2]

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