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Sumi, (墨)  is a witch from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The witch was once a magical girl who loved photography.


Sumi (as a witch) is seen as a camera with some film for legs. (Nuff said)

Labyrinth & Minions

The Labyrinth itself takes the form of a photo album with photos of the people inside the Labyrinth. Once entering the center of the Labyrinth a bunch of Photos of past victims and Sumi's family are posted all along the walls. The Minions of the Labyrinth can take the form of people and sometimes the minions form pictures of Sumi and her family before she became a magical girl. 

Attacks & Abilities

The way Sumi attacks is by snapping a photo of enemies. Once snapping a picture of a enemy they turn into a human sized picture. They can be saved only if released before the person dies of suffocation or hunger. She can also have film come out to grab a enemy and fling them around. The film can also turn into a witch. The only way to defeat Sumi is by destroying the Cameras memory card.