Puella Magi Shea
Name Shea Chie
Age 18
Soul Gem Aztec Orange with some sort of mirror like object.
Contract Wish To be able to see the future.
Weapon Throwing Ax
Wish-Related Abilities If you didn't know, she can see the future.
Birthday September 19th
Zodiac Virgo
Height 5'4
Weight 115
Hair Color Pale Blonde (dyed), Dark Brown (Real Color)
Eye Color Vanilla
Blood Type B
Allies None
Appears In Destiny Magica
Shea is a Magical girl who appears in Puella Magi Destiny Magica. She is a Puella Magi Duo with Rikai Kein, who is in the same class with her. Her wish was to gain the ability to see the future, of course as it is revealed in the story this came with it's downfall.


Magical Girl Shea


  • Sheas Weapon of Choice is the Throwing Ax.
  • Her design was inspired by my history lesson in Acient central americans.