The second episode of Anastasia's Magical Wish.


Christine learns of Stacey being a Puella Magi, and Kyubey appears. He asks Christine if she wants to become one, and she says yes, wishing she had many allies. Before Christine becomes a Puella Magi, Stacey confesses her wish was to never lose fights. The next day, Stacey is walking to school, when Christine runs up to her, exclaiming about her becoming a Puella Magi, and saying she has suddenly taken a big liking to her. That night, the two fight a witch named Willa, and win. The next day, Sayaka Miki attacks Stacey, thinking she's a witch, until Christine corrects her. Sayaka apologizes, and agrees to help them sometime.


Puella Magi

Sayaka (debut)


Kyubey (debut)



Soon-to-be Puella Magi





Christine: You-you're a Puella Magi?

Stacey: Yeah. I am a Puelian, who is a Puella Magi from another world.

Christine: (gasp) (thinks: Just like that world Mom was talking about in the past!)

Stacey: My mission is to eliminate all witches.

(Suddenly, a white Incubator with pinkish eyes and rings floating around his pink and white ears appeared)

???: Name's Kyubey. I bet you want to become a magical girl, eh?

Christine: Um........well, uh, eh......... *blushes* Yeah. I just, um, yeah...... I want to be a Puella Magi just like Stace!

Kyubey: I can grant you a wish, but in return, you must spend your life fighting witches, like the ones your friend just defeated.

Stacey: I wished to never lose fights! Christine-chan, what is yours?

Christine: Well, I........I want to have many allies!

Kyubey: Ah, I see.

(The next day)

Stacey: *walking to school* Hey, where did Christine.....?

Christine: Stacey-san! STACEYSANSTACEYSANSTACEYSAAAAN!!!! *hugs Stacey all of a sudden*


Christine: I became a Puella Magi yesterday-

Stacey: I know that. I was there.

Christine: -AND all of a sudden, I've taken a huge liking to you!

Stacey: *sweatdrop* Good greif.....

  • That night*
  • Stacey and Christine are fighting a witch named Willa*

Christine: *swings her sword at Willa* Crap! She isn't affected!

Willa: OFIKOPKOJjoijfiogjoglnmbgiogjiogops[ppgokfhphkbjgoie0igjkgoij0kfmkgm!!!!

Christine: .....Have any idea what she said?

Stacey: Although I'm Puelian, I have no idea. Anyway, Willa isn't affected by you, but since my wish was to never lose fights, she will be defeated *jumps up, staff held tight in her hands* by ME! *her staff slices Willa in half, and she dissappears* We did it!

Christine: *falls on her knees* Yeah..... *pant, pant* We did, I *pant, pant* guess.....

Stacey: Are you okay, Christine-san?

Christine: I'm okay, just that I'm pooped.

  • The next day, Stacey and Christine are walking to school*

Stacey: I wonder what awaits us the next time we fight a witch?

Christine: I have no idea.

  • Suddenly, a blue-haired Puella Magi with a sword jumps out of a bush at Stacey*

???: HUAH!!!! *swings the sword*

Stacey: *dodges*

???: Die, you witch! Die, die, die!

Christine: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You've got it all wrong! My friend is a regular Puella Magi, and not a witch!

???: Oh. Sorry about that.

Christine: Hey, I'm Christine Hibi.

Stacey: I'm Anastasia Komusome, but everyone calls me Stacey.

???: I'm Sayaka Miki.

Stacey: Hey, Sayaka!

Sayaka: Stacey, I'm really sorry about attacking you. As an apology, I'd love to help you sometime.

Stacey: *grins* I'd love to!

Christine: ._. Ah, what the heck?

Sayaka: Later. *transforms back into her human form and runs off*

Stacey: Hm. She's nice, but a bit rough.....

Christine: YOU BET SHE IS!!!! O_O

End of episode