Basic Info: 
Name: Sakura Connally 
Nickname: Cherry 
Birthday: August 13 
Star Sign: Leo
Race: Magical Girl

Link: Sakura(Sade and Spider Teen Kid) plz read it. Madoka Magica OC: Sakura Connally 
Madoka magica oc sakura connally by benjipowerisacutie-dbkc4v6
Sakura sade and spider teen kid plz read it by benjipowerisacutie-dbj8d95

Height: 6'1
Weight: 130
Hair style Always Down 
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Cyan
Birth Marks: None
Scar(s):None Yet
Outfits: Some Are T-shirts And Skirts 

Voice: Ashleigh Ball
Habits: She Often does eat Her Hair Sometimes
Psychological Disabilities: Schizophrenia and Autism 
Physical Disabilities: None
Allergies: Strong Perfume 
Self Esteem: Low
Sexuality: Lesbian 
Abilities: She Very good Cooker and A good Candy Maker
Obsessions/Compulsions: Care Bears,Kamen Rider, and Strawberry shortcake
Personality: Happy,Energetic,Bubbly,Smart, Happy-go-Lucky,Warm-hearted,and Care-Free
Virtues: She's good around her Adopted Parent.
Vices: she Often Bad sometimes
Short Bio: She Was Sade and Spider Teen Daughter but when they couldn't take care of her they gave her to adopted family 
Ambitions: Try to Work Hard in High School
Liked Things: Fruits,Candies,Cakes,Cooking,Getting Good Grades, Making Some Friends, when she Has Amazon Here with her and Sleeping
Disliked Things: Getting in Trouble,Forgetting Things,Losing Amazon and When People bullies Her
Fears/Phobias: Losing Amazon, The Dark,Heights and Elevators 
Theme Song: Dj Satomi - Waves

Family/Relatives: Sade(Mom), Spider Teen(Dad),Laughing Jack(Adopted Dad),Laughing Jill(Adopted Mom)
Best Friend: Her Plushies That she has as a Baby : Amazon
Friends: Camille Wallaby, XJ9(Jenny),Cupa The Creeper and Gamzee 
Lover/Partner/Love Interest: None yet
Relationship with significant other: None
Enemies: Chaos Jenny,DoraemonRulesEst2001,No-Heart, and Who Cares Bears
Pets/Animals: None Yet

If Magical Girl:
Outfit: Almost Look Like XJ9 aka Jenny but it's Fairy Tale Pink and Has A glide Thing on her that make her look like Flying Squirrel 
Weapon: .387 colt python
Magic: Love
Wish: To Have Her Real Parents Back Together 
Attacks: Wind Blast and Final Blast 
Abilities: She only Can Fly and can make People Be in love.
Soul Gem Appearance: It's a Cotton Candy Pink Soul Gem
Battle Theme Song: Crush 40- Knight Of Wind
Number of Killed Witches: Only 6
Number of Assisted Witch kills: 13
Knowledge of the Incubators: Know A Little
Extra (Such as Battles fought and anything to do with being a Mahou Shoujo): She's Know what she's doing Sometimes

The Temple made by ToBecomeaGriefSeed On DA(Deviantart) 

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