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Rikai Kein is one of the main characters in the story, Puella Magi: Promise? She is the first Puella Magi introduced, although she's a rookie. Rikai is a 2nd year highschool student, making her older than some of the other Puella Magi in the series. She's known to love anything or everything Cherrys, possibly because she has such strangely colored hair, or maybe it's just her personality.

Puella Magi Rikai
Name Rikai Kein
Age 17
Soul Gem Cherry Red topped with "Unknown"
Contract Wish To save her pet from dieing, due to a being hit by a truck.
Weapon A Mace
Wish-Related Abilities She has a special connection with Wild animals.
Birthday May 16th
Zodiac Taurus
Height 5'5
Weight 125
Hair Color Cherry-wood Red
Eye Color Light Pink
Blood Type A
Allies Destiny Un, Kodokuna Tomodachi (To a degre)
Appears In Destiny Magica


Name: Rikai Kein (Rikai Kein, Rikai Kane)

Age: 17

Hair Color: Red-Fushia

Eye Color: Pale Pink

Species: Puella Magi

Blood Type: B-

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 LBs


Rikai is a very enjoyable person, who's energetic and always full of leader potential energy. She's always wanting a conversation, no matter whom it might be with. She also has quite the habit of saying things before her brain knows what her mouth is saying, often leading her into hot water with the others. Rikai is known to also be a bit antsy, and she doesn't hold still very well. It's possible that she just has a lot of energy.


  • Rikai's weapon of coice is a Mace.
  • Her hair is very curly, matching her personality nicely.
  • When not a Puella Magi, Rikai spends her time scribbling down possible future Puella Magis in a 3 ring notebook.
  • Much to the dis-pleasure of her eyes and hair, Rikais favorite color is Bright yellow.