If you're looking for the spin-off's titular character herself, see Maia Haruka.

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RAVEN: Half Witch (shortened as RAVEN) is a animated spin-off series based on the Magical Molly! Reboot series. and the third of the Kajiuran Crusaders universe. The series serves as the midquel of Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION, and focuses on Raven, struggling to survive after becoming a half-human with Witch powers. The spin-off will feature Magical Girls (as side characters/"antagonists") adapted from Puella Magi Suzune Magica, and Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer.

The spin-off is released as a 6-Episode, 24-minute OVAs.



Characters appearing


Magical Girls


Magical Girls


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Tabitha St. Germain (Mimori Sasaki in the Japanese dub) - Yuuri Asuka
  • Jennie Kwan (Aya Uchida in the Japanese dub) - Ignis & Grace


Bryce Papenbrook (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in the Japanese dub) makes a voice cameo for an unnamed Hoozuki High male student, which he is a victim of a slammed door caused by Alice's anger.


Hiroyuki Sawano (composer of Blue Exorcist, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah Zero) will be composing music for the series. He'll also cooperate with Yuki Kajiura to compose some BGMs.

Ending Theme

  • Hitorigoto (Monologue) by FictionJunction (Episodes 2-5)

Cancelled Novelization

A loose novel adaptation of the spin-off will be produced by Nitro+. Like the novel version of Madoka Magica, the books will be written by Hajime Ninomae, while the illustrations will be provided by Yuupon. Hajime had announced that "The novel adaptation will be a little different than the TV series.", which means the novel will take place on an alternate timeline.

In mid 2015, the producer had confirmed that the novel adaptation is officially canceled.

Home Video Releases

Main Article: Raven: Half-Human, Half-Witch/Home Video Releases


  • This was the first Magical Molly! spinoff to feature a character as a main protagonist who is not a Magical Girl.
  • This was the first Magical Molly! Reboot series to have this rating.
  • This spin-off marks Ariel Winter's second voice role for a character in a Japanese animation.

Foreign titles

  • Japanese - レイブン (RAVEN)
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