Puer Magi☆Rainbow Magica is a fanseries made by Lethargic.


Set in an alternate reality, a select group of young men are targeted by Incubators to become Magical Boys in order to fight Wizards. However, making a contract will certainly result in awful fate...


  • Subaru Kasumi: A lazy yet outgoing boy who doesn’t have any skills or talents. However, he’s content to keep living this way. He makes a contract in episode two after losing his family to a wizard. His wish was to get the strength to fight Wizards and save people. His Soul Gem is a pink star that is worn in the center of a bow on his top. His weapon is a pistol.
  • Ryō Hanami: A popular and well-liked student at his school. He moonlights as a Magical Boy and has been fighting for the longest out of the main cast. He used to be bullied by everyone at school. His wish was to be loved. His Soul Gem is a red rose that is attached to his left glove. His weapon is a whip with thorns on it.
  • Yōichi Aida: A first year at Subaru’s high school, Yōichi is known for his weird sense of humor and love for old American chopper and greaser fashion. He has controlling and borderline abusive parents. His wish was to free himself and his little sister from their home life. His Soul Gem is a bright blue lightning bolt attached to his jacket. His weapons are a pair of brass knuckles.
  • Akira Mochizuki: A shy boy in Subaru’s class. He doesn’t have much self confidence. When he wandered into a labyrinth and saw the other 3 boys fighting, he made a wish to save them from the Wizard out of panic. His Soul Gem is a white circle located on his chest. His weapon is a shield.
  • Eiji Kurosawa: A veteran magical boy who patrols the upper class part of the city. He’s on good terms with Ryō, but refused to team up with him. He’s the top of Subaru and Akira’s class, and already has tons of scholarships from good universities in America. His wish was to make his parents proud. His soul gem is a green diamond on the back of his costume.
  • Chiaki Harukawa: A formerly depressed veteran magical boy who fights with Eiji. He’s really happy-go-lucky, but is also emotionally fragile. He’s in Ryō’s grade. His wish was to undo his suicide attempt. His soul gem is a purple “x” shape located on his belt. His weapon is a shuriken.
  • Hideki Maruyama: Ryō’s childhood friend who is in Yōichi’s grade. He isn’t very smart or mature, but always does things with good intentions. His wish was to free Ryō of his burden of being a magical boy. His Soul Gem is a yellow pentagon located on his hat. His weapon is a sword.

Episode Summaries (SPOILERS)

  • Episode 1, A Hidden World: Subaru Kasumi is an average high school student with a laziness streak. He often gets yelled at by teachers or parents. He doesn’t really have close friends, but a lot of people think he’s funny. One day, on a family outing to a grocery store, Subaru gets separated from his parents. He doesn’t care until he sees them wandering around aimlessly with a strange marking on their necks. He follows them, but finds himself in a Wizard’s labyrinth. He find his parents have been killed by familiars.
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