This is just a comic that I'm writing because none of the theories about Walpurgisnacht made sense to me, so I made an OC. Walpurgisnacht and Puella magi belong to their rightful creators.


Yukari, a young, lonely girl with high hopes for the future, is given the chance to have any one wish granted. She agreed hastily, without thinking of the consequences. Her and her new friend, Sora Yukiko, learn the hard way that being a magical girl brings despair and death only. They endlessly ask Kyubey to undo their contracts, no matter how many times he explains that it simply isn't possible. In the end, Kyubey remarks, "They've combined! Together they will be the strongest witch ever to destroy."

Main characters

Yukari Rusuta

Yukari wished to have friends that understand her. Her wish is granted when a new student transfers to her class at Uekara middle school. It turns out, She is also a magical girl. As a magical girl, her theme is dark blue and white. Her soul gem is located on her left thigh, and is blue, in the shape of a cat head. She is a kind, energetic girl with high hopes for the future.

Sora Yukiko

Sora's wish was to find a place to start over, so she wouldn't have to carry the burden of dealing with rivals. Her wish is granted when she moves to Uekara, a small town about 100 miles from her old home in Miyuma city. Her magical girl theme is silver and red. Her soul gem is on her left earlobe, sealing up a rip there. It's in the shape of a four pointed star and is colored red. She is usually very quiet and why because she was always "The weird corner girl" Once she warms up to someone, she is kind, gentle, and caring.



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Supporting characters

YuYu Kami

YuYu a classmate of Sora and Yukari. The story ends with her saying, "I knew something was off about those two." Before Kyubey approaches her. She is a rebellious free spirit girl and often refuses to listen to authority figures. Her contract with Kyubey leads to the events of Puella Magi YuMi YuKo.

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