Puella Magi Skyla Magica cover

Puella Magi Skyla Magica is a spin-off fan fiction by Kat Kay that centers around a girl known only as Skyla who becomes unintentionally linked to fellow puella magi, Kim-Ly Nguyen.


The story takes place in the western-style city of Eclania; countries away from the original story's Mitakihara Town. All events in Eclania take place in the "final" timeline after Madoka makes her wish to eliminate all witches before they are born.


The mundane world of Kim-Ly Nguyen is turned in every unexpected way when she meets a puella magi whose only known name is Skyla. Offering the strange girl a place for the night turns out to me much more than she bargained for when she finds out that Skyla has no knowledge of last twenty years of her life and what's worse, she seems to have every single puella magi in Eclania after her.