Puella Magi Shimen Magica (魔法少女マギカ) or Puella Magi Shimen Magica is a sixth fanseries created by Princess Mew. This fanseries is still in process of creation.


Several magical girls are trapped in an another space plains created by Kyubey for unknown reasons. Witches also appear in this space plains and each witch varies from easy and weak to hard and powerful, which the magical girls must defeat in order to get grief seeds.

The girls each have their own dorm in the space plains to live in while there.


Puella Magi

Kaku Sakuraebi

  • Wish: I want to be able to keep painting forever
  • Soul Gem: Red paintbrush (hairpin)
  • Weapon: Paintbrush and Paint Palette
  • Doppel: Mona Lisa

Kaku is a 15-year-old magical girl. She is a third year who attends Nanahoshi Middle School. She is a girl who loves to paint, but her parents doesn't really like her painting, they rather have her practice the violin, but she doesn't find it fun to do. She made a wish to Kyubey to be able to keep on painting forever.

Midori Nezumi

  • Wish: To cure their diseases (her parents)
  • Soul Gem: Green circle (on her chest)
  • Weapon: Syringe
  • Doppel: Plague Doctor

Midori is a 15-year-old magical girl. She is a third year who attends Nanahoshi Middle School and the best friend of Kaku's. She is a girl who help outs others a lot, even when they don't ask for it. Ever since she was young she has always been interested in trying to find cures for diseases that don't yet have one.

Kaiyo Aonosato

  • Wish: I want to be noticed for who I am, not for my talent at sports
  • Soul Gem: Blue star (on her chest)
  • Weapon: Baseball Bat
  • Doppel: Hélène

Kaiyo is a 17-year-old magical girl. She is a second year who attends Soranochi High School. She is a girl who loves to play sports, she likes to run around playing all sort of sports. Playing sports is like a healthy addiction to her, though she likes to play sports and gets asked by many sport clubs to help out she knows they only ask for help because of her talent, not for who she is.



  • Type: Dragon Witch
  • Nature: Obsessive
  • Minions: Anne, Pierre

The witch of dragon. Her nature is Obsessive. This Witch is ever so obsessed with guarding it's mountains of precious treasures. She will do anything to keep others away from her precious treasures, though she allows her minions to clean and count her precious treasures so they stay nice and shiny.


  • Type: Puppet Witch
  • Nature: Lazy
  • Minions: Kermit, Piggy

The witch of puppet. Her nature is Lazy. This Witch is ever so lazy and so she barely does anything, but sit down on her "stage" and not move one inch. She makes her minions do everything for her, though she does with magical girls but every time they destroy her minions which make her get off her lazy tush to do it herself.



The dormitories is a place where the magical girls are currently living in while they are in the space plains that Kyubey created. Each has their own dormitory room, which is decorated to match their personal preferences.

  • Kaku's dormitory room is decorated with a paint-like theme.
  • Midori's dormitory room is decorated with a doctor / plague doctor / bird-like theme.
  • Kaiyo's dormitory room is full and decorated with sports-related stuff.
  • Kumo's dormitory room is decorated with an insect and arachnid-like theme.
  • Usami's dormitory room is decorated with tons of cute toys and plushies.


  • Shimen (紙面) literally means 'space'.


  • The story is currently in progress of creation.
  • The story was sort of inspired when I was playing with this Picrew avatar maker.
Puella Magi Shimen Magica
Puella Magi

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