Puella Magi Schizo-Magica is a fanfiction of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Magia Record by LittleWingedKuriboh on Wattpad, the third story in the Pharaoh's Revival continuity. The series focuses on Lillyan, a girl who forms a contract with Kyubey to help him change the fate of Magical Girls without sacrificing Madoka's existence. To do this, she must leave the real world and enter the Puella Magi universe, hence the name "Schizo"-Magica (schizophrenia). The full story can be read here.

Summary (Wattpad)

The curtain opens

Time to shine~

Make a wish

Give me your soul

In exchange for what you hold so dear

I will gain such a soul in return...


Japanese dub

Aoi Yuki - Madoka Kaname

Chiwa Saitou - Homura Akemi

Eri Kitamura - Sayaka Miki, Oktavia von Seckendorff (Madoka Revelation arc)

Kana Ueda - Oktavia von Seckendorff (Stardust Record arc onwards)

Kaori Mizuhashi - Mami Tomoe

Ai Nonaka - Kyoko Sakura

Yuko Sanpei - Lillyan Silver

Emiri Katou - Kyubey

Momo Asakura - Iroha Tamaki

Sora Amamiya - Yachiyo Nanami

Shina Natsukawa - Tsuruno Yui, Elly (chapter 10 onwards)

Ayane Sakura - Felicia Mitsuki

Ayana Taketatsu - Alina Gray

Kouji Yusa - Raptors, Elly (chapter 4)

Yoshino Nanjo - Herzundseele


Christine Marie Cabanos - Madoka Kaname

Christina Vee - Homura Akemi

Sarah Williams - Sayaka Miki, Oktavia von Seckendorff (Madoka Revelation arc)

Laura Bailey - Oktavia von Seckendorff (Stardust Record arc onwards)

Carrie Keranen - Mami Tomoe

Lauren Landa - Kyoko Sakura

Colleen Villard - Lillyan Silver

Cassandra Lee Morris - Kyubey

Kira Buckland - Iroha Tamaki

Erika Harlancher - Yachiyo Nanami

Marieve Herington - Tsuruno Yui, Elly (chapter 10 onwards)

Lizzie Freeman - Felicia Mitsuki

Cherami Leigh - Alina Gray

"Twomanyraptors" - Raptors, Elly (chapter 4)

Faye Mata - Herzundseele


  • Before Schizo-Magica was considered, Connor appeared in chapter 14 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links GX: The Tails Doll Curse, alluding to a “Detroit: Become Human”-based sequel
  • Lillyan’s wish changed several times throughout the development of the story, each alluding to a different Magical Girl from Magia Record that her design at the time was based on

-”Make him a new mask, one that won’t break or make him see things!” (Cure Phantom)

-“Make me the knight that slays his suffering!” (Sasara)

-”Let me see him! Take me to where Mithrandir is right this instant! I need to know that he’s okay!” (Shizuku)

-”I want to be a bright person, just like his friends.” (Ayaka)

  • Kriemhild Gretchen was originally going to take control of the Law of Cycles when Madoka makes her wish in chapter 10 of Schizo-Magica. Madoka also refused to become a god, meaning the Witches of the past could not be erased
  • Phase 2 of Schizo-Magica was originally a “Kingdom Hearts 3” arc, which was scrapped in favor of adapting Magia Record
  • Wheatley (Portal) was originally going to make the contract that made Iroha a Magical Girl, but when the idea came up to add Yusaku to the story, he was scrapped

-Richard would have later appeared during the fight with the Uwasa of the Commoner’s Horse, being confused for an online predator and killed along with the Uwasa by Lillyan

-this scene would have also contained a cover/parody of “Suddenly Seymore”, referencing "Suddenly Wheatley" from Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical

  • When Puella Magi Ragnarok was its own story, Atem’s conflict with the Witch Naomi was originally a side story with Shizuku as a supporting protagonist

-Yugi, as he appeared in Pharaoh’s Revival, would be revealed to be one of Naomi’s Familiars that disguised itself as Yugi to get close to Atem so that the Witch could curse him, a feature that remains canon

  • An arc of Puella Magi Ragnarok was planned as a self-insert of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. The first chapter of this arc would have revealed Tails Doll to be an Uwasa, which was instead added to the epilogue of his titular story
  • After Judai and Yubey’s reunion, the Uwasa of the Five Night’s End would’ve returned to terrorize the main MagiReco team, possessing Iroha and forcing her to “kill” her sister

-Rumor Iroha: Hear that, girls? I think she said she wants to give Fredbear a BIG OL’ KISS!

-However, Ui’s Soul Gem remains intact when Fredbear’s jaw gives out, meaning she would have been revived shortly after

  • Before the reveal of Alburjis-Layl was given to Naomi, Yusaku was given a line explaining three reasons for Walpurgisnacht to need to take power from the Egyptian god cards

-”First, Touka Satomi wished for the power of conversion. Second, Nemu Hiiragi wished for the power of realization. And third, Ui Tamaki wished for the power of collection.”

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