Puella Magi Petal Magica (?) or Puella Magi Petal Magica is a second fanseries created by Princess Mew.



Puella Magi

Pokémon Species: Leafeon
Wish: I want to be a maid
Soul Gem: Green Leaf located on her chest
Weapon: Bow
Witch Form: Adelina
A childish, young girl, Petal is a 15-year-old girl with a few friends, whom she loves dearly and will do anything for them. Embarrassingly enough, she sleeps in nothing but a shirt and undergarments and has no shame of doing so but is embarrassed if anyone besides her besties find out about it. Petal, once alongside her elder sister, Maggy used to live together with their parents until her disappearance. Now Petal wants to know what happened to her elder sister whom she loves and misses.

Pokémon Species: Goodra
Wish: I want to be free from these chained wrapped around me
Soul Gem: Purple diamond located on her forehead
Weapon: Spear
Witch Form: Agnes
A smart, curious young girl, Behmo is a 18-year-old girl who is quite a veteran puella magi, being a magical girl for 9 years, she doesn't have many friends due to people calling her weird. Though she's quite oblivious to other people, she doesn't really get that people are wary of her because she's weird. Usually seen petting small animals or can be eating sweets such as marshmallows, though no one knows why this is, or why she does it.

  • Fae (フェイ)

Pokémon Species: Swirlix
Wish: To have me girlfriend love me
Soul Gem: Pink heart-shaped brooch on her right bossom
Weapon: Rapier
Witch Form: Agape

Pokémon Species: Grumpig
Wish: To have my dead sister back
Soul Gem: Black skull-shaped hair pin
Weapon: Whip
Witch Form: Lilith

Pokémon Species: Stunky
Wish: To get an A in my science class
Soul Gem: Orange laboratory flask on her belly button
Weapon: Erlenmeyer Flask
Witch Form: Francis

Pokémon Species: Liepard
Wish: I just want to be left alone, someone who isn't recognized by anyone
Soul Gem: Blue ninja star on her right leg
Weapon: Ninja stars
Witch Form: Selene
A young popular child-prodigy, Shay is a 12-year-old girl who is easily recognizable as the most talented 12-year-old television prodigy. Born into the television business career, as a child-prodigy whom has acted in so many plays, movies, tv shows, and commercials that she's famous among other children. Though she never really had much of a choice, since her parents made her to all of it, while she just wanted to be a normal child.

Other Puella Magi


  • Shyubei (秀兵衛)

A small yet adorable cat-like creature. Calling himself an "incubator", he possesses a variety of magical abilities, such as granting young girl wishes and turning them into magic girls.
Only born recently, he is still very immature and childish. Only sees everything as a game and nothing serious.


Runes: Emer
Type: Witch of Sewing
Nature: Obscene
The Witch of sewing. Her nature is obscene. This Witch lays on a bed in a huge room full of needles and sewing thread all over the place. She seems to be that of someone who likes to make obscene type of clothing that show more skin then usual, though her minions are always trying to get her to keep it the minimal amount of skin shown. Can often be creating clothing similar to that of what a specific person they seem to know but can't remember that is important to them.

The identity of this witch is revealed to be Maggy, Petal's older sister.

- Flann
Runes: Flann
Type: Sewing witch's minion
Duty: Dressing
Minions of the Witch of Sewing. Their role is dressing. These Familiars worry that if the Sewing Witch keeps making obscene clothing, that they'll ruin the image of the long lost person they used to be. They tend to carry around a sewing needle and thread with them at all times just case they need to fix The Sewing Witch and obscene clothing designs.


  • The story and character are based on pokemon gjinka as magic girls / witches.
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