Puella Magi Majokari Magica (魔法少女魔法使いマギカ) also known as (Puella Magi Majokari Magica) is my fifth fanseries by Princess Mew and currently in WIP story for now.


In Madoromi Matsuri City, there are 6 wards, where each have their own magical girls. Kyubey makes a place where all of the magical girls meet for either the first time or not. He tells them, the "game has started" and each magical girl via team or solo must compete against each other to defeat witches all over Madoromi Matsuri City.

Whoever defeats the most witches will receive a mysterious reward from Kyubey.


Neko Tengoku Ward

Wish: "I want them to go down the right path (talking about her close friends who became yankees)"
Soul Gem: Blue sun (on her bow)
Weapon: Staff with angel wings (can form to be a halberd)
Doppel Form: Samael
A innocent, caring young girl. Gekkō is a 14-year-old who has many friends that she cares for with her heart and soul and will do anything for them in order for them not to get into trouble. She is the twin sister of Nikkō Pātītītaimu, whom she is close with since birth. Embarrassingly enough she sleeps with a ducky-shaped nightlight that she has had since she was 3 years old. Has always been with Nikkō and done everything together with her ever since the two were newborns.

Wish: "I want them to go down the daredevil/dangerous path (talking about her close friends who became nerds)"
Soul Gem: Orange Moon (on her bow)
Weapon: Staff with devil horns (can form to be a double-sided scythe)
Doppel Form: Satan
A troublemaking, mischievous young girl. Nikkō is a 14-year-old who has many friends that she does care about but doesn't like there nerdy side they have as they aren't that much fun as they used to be but she still loves them. She is the twin sister of Gekkō Pātītītaimu, whom she is close with since birth. Unlike Gekkō, though she doesn't need a nightlight in order to sleep. Has always been with Gekkō and done everything together with her ever since the two were newborns.

Wish: "I want to go big (referring to the lottery)"
Soul Gem: Orange circle (on her headband)
Weapon: War Hammer
Doppel Form: Yen
A kind, money obsessed young lady. Nijifōchun is a 15-year-old who doesn't have that many friends due to her obsession with money the most of all. She is always up to something, especially if it's a means of trying to make money, though most of those plans usually ends up failing when the other parties figure out what's she been doing isn't really real, but somewhat fake. Doesn't really like to work with others unless they get her, or rather try to help her make money, even if they are naïve and doesn't get that she's been tricking them. Doesn't care if she has friends or not, money is the only thing that matters to her.

Rūnfesutibaru Ward


Type: Witch of Suicide
Nature: Self Loathing
Minions: Chuya
The witch of Suicide. Her nature is self loathing. This witch is always self loathing about theirself, therefore they tend to often try to commit suicide, trying to end their own life. But every attempt seems to fail for them and they end up staying alive at the end of it.

Type: Witch of Man Eating
Nature: Gluttonous
Minions: Mata
The witch of Man Eater. Her nature is gluttonous. This witch is always being a gluttonous pig, who eats a lot, especially men. She enjoys to eat them whole and to see them suffer once captured by her minions. Seeing their faces all messed up, turns her on, making her want to kill and eat even more.

Type: Witch of Duck
Nature: Insecure
Minions: Duckling
The witch of Duck. Her nature is insecure. This witch is always being insecure about their own appearance and believe they shouldn't have been born because all they do is cause themself to be depressed. Their minions are always trying to cheer her up by bringing in beautiful people so she can torture them.


  • Majokari: means 'witch hunting'.
  • Madoromi Matsuri: means 'slumbering festivals'.
  • Neko Tengoku: means 'cat's heaven'.
  • Rūnfesutibaru means 'rune festival'.


  • Dazai means 'Osamu Dazai' a Japanese novelist.
  • Chuya means 'Chuya Nakahara' a Japanese novelist.
  • Teufelsblume means 'devil flower' in German.
  • Mata means 'Mata Hari' a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan.
  • Ente translates to 'duck' in German.
  • Duckling refers to 'the ugly duckling' a literary fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen.


  • This fanseries story is still in WIP, so most of the characters and wards (locations areas) are still in development.
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