You're the only one who can save the future.

-The series' slogan.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Journey Through The Decade 〈魔法少女まどかマギカ:JOURNEY THROUGH THE DECADE) is a fan series made by Xyuehong.


Shirakami Shimatsu, a Mysterious Puella Magi, with an unknown past, bears the ultimate power that any Puella Magi would have. However, she has one mission: travel to the other worlds known as "Alternate realities", to gain the 8 Powers of the Puella Magi.

Characters Appearing


  1. The Journey Begins
  2. The 8 Puella Magi Powers
  3. Mami Arc 1: Fides
  4. Mami Arc 2: Credens justitiam
  5. Sayaka Arc 1:  Justitia
  6. Sayaka Arc 2: Decretum
  7. Homura Arc 1: Tutela
  8. Homura Arc: Puella in somnio
  9. Kyoko Arc: Prex
  10. Kyoko Arc: Anima mala
  11. The Green Puella Magi (?)
  12. Oriko Arc: Prophetam
  13. Madoka Arc 1: Spes
  14. Madoka Arc 2: Sagitta Luminis
  15. Trump Card formation
  16. Origin
  17. Walpurgis
  18. Destroyer of Worlds
  19. The End of the Journey

Theme Songs

  • Opening
  • Ending
    • "The White Goddess" by Marina Inoue


  • The series share similarities to Kamen Rider Decade.
  • The AR World's Magical Girl's designs are reused from the first PMMM TV Commercial Promos. (Except for Hitomi, Oriko, Yuma & Kirika)
  • Despite the series being based on the Madoka Magica series, however this one SERIOUSLY dismissed all the religious undertones.
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