"What is your greatest desire?" - The series official tagline

Puella Magi Kotori Magica is a fanmade series of the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is created by PriParaidols5.


In Hitagomi city, it's all about what you want to be, who you want to be, and your greatest desires that will get you very far in your life in Hitagomi.

Our main character, Kotori Aizawa, doesn't really feel that way.

In Hitagomi, work is very popular there. As everybody has to work and go to school nearly everyday. Since you'll need an occupation to become a successful person in Hitagomi, Kotori has to find out what she truly wants to do in life.

Kotori's greatest desire is to fly. Although this is an impossible dream.

This all changes, once Kotori meets an incubator named Ryubey. A alien-like creature that will make your greatest desire come true, but the price is to become a magical girl in exchange.


Kotori Aizawa - The main character of the series. Her greatest desire is to have wings and fly.

Megumi Toyama - Kotori's strict, studious, and hardworking childhood friend. Megumi has the offer to become a magical girl, but feels as if she doesn't have a desire to be one.

Tsukasa Hibiki - A tomboyish and carefree magical girl, who is known for her powerful axe.

Kanon Sakuya - A young magical girl in the series, who works in a small shop with her family. She has 2 other sisters, who are magical girls too.

Yume Kotone - A magical girl who is known for her anime series, Sparkling Yume.

Other characters



Desire - A Desire basically works like a Wish like in Madoka Magica.

S Gem - S Gems look like Soul Gems, but work a bit differently than them

Rainbode - A word that stands for Rainbow Mode

Will - Wills look a bit similar to Witches and Familiars

Maze - Since Witches hide in Labyrinths, Wills hide in Mazes


  • The plot for this series was originally going to be very different
  • The creator, PriParaidols5, (tried to make) made Kotori Magica's plot seem a bit different than Madoka Magica
  • The Puella Magi's in this series do not make wishes, but instead, make desires, which works exactly like a wish in a way
  • Instead of Soul Gems, the magical girls in this series use 'S Gems' instead, although S Gems work a bit differently than Soul Gems
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