​​​​​Puella Magi Hanami Magica (魔法少女お花美マギカ?), or as (Puella Magi Hanami Magica) is a fanseries created by Haruna Artist.



Puella Magi

  • Tamichi Hanami (田道花美?)
    Voiced by: Kino Hina (Japanese) Emily Neves (English Dub)
    Japanese Pronoun: "Watashi" (私)
    Wish: To save her adoptive grandmother (from being run-over by a bus)
    Soul Gem: Pink Flower at her Chest
    Weapon: Plush/Stuffed Animals
    Without a bad bone in her body, Hanami is a sweet-hearted, friendly 12-year-old girl with many friends, loving each and every one of them equally. Embarassingy enough, she sleeps in a bed full of stuffed animals, all named with their own personalities and some with assigned outfits. Hanami is also an orphan and was adopted by an elder lady alongside her elder sister, both who she holds dear to her heart. She is a somewhat horror movie fan.
  • Hirohama Tomoko (広浜ともこ?)
    Voiced by: Anzai Yukari (Japanese) Stephanie Sheh (English Dub)
    Japanese Pronoun: "Watashi" (私)
    Wish: To save Hanami (from a Witch)
    Soul Gem: Blue Teardrop at her Stomach
    Weapon: Shortsword
    Polite and refined, Tomoko is a 12-year-old close friend of Hanami, knowing her since they were toddlers. Born into a wealthy family, Tomoko's life was filled with nothing but luxury. On that topic, Tomoko feels rather indifferent towards her luxurious lifestyle, not seeing it as anything big, but rather desiring love from her parents rather than the gifts they buy her - her relationship with her family is strained. Tomoko, unless around Hanami or others she's close to, displays little-to-no facial expression, having her come off as cold or robotic. She loves collecting keychains and nature documentaries. 
  • Mikawa Anzu (美川あんず?)
    Voiced by: Murakawa Tomo (Japanese) Lara Jill Miller (English Dub)
    Japanese Pronoun: "Atashi" (あたし)
    Wish: For her broken leg to heal
    Soul Gem: 3 Amber-orange Flowers on her Thigh
    Weapon: Axe
    A born athlete, Anzu is a "rough-n-tumble" 12-year-old girl, whose family owns/runs a small restaurant. Despite her straightforwardness, friendliness and hard working demeanor, Anzu is also absentminded, and that absentmindedness, as well as her wild spirit, can get her into trouble; she is a great worker, but can at times get distracted. Treating everyone with kindness, her desire to get along with others and passiveness can sometimes lead to her being taken advantage of.
  • Elizabeth L. Chesterfield (エリザベス・L・チェスターフィールド?)
    Voiced by: TBA
    Japanese pronoun: "Watashi" (私)/"Ore" (オレ)
    Wish: For her Crush to like her back
    Soul Gem: Purple Crown-shaped Hairclip
    Weapon: Scepter-like Rapier





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