Puella Magi Hana Magica (魔法少女マギカ) or Puella Magi Hana Magica is a fourth fanseries created by Princess Mew. This fanseries is still in process of creation.


Takes place in Yamatori City. Hana Amagi is a 15 year old puella magi who has been a magical girl for 6 years. She one day meets another magical girl who accepts her for who she is and doesn't call her a freak or monster when they see her Doppel, Tomoe.


Puella Magi

Yonazawa Ward

Wish: To be strong like a Onna-bugeisha (female samurai), they have courage to fight even if they might die in battle
Soul Gem: Red star on a bow in her hair
Weapon: Katana
Doppel: Tomoe
A sweet, shy young girl. Hana is a 15-year-old girl who has been living alone for so long, not a single friend nor family member to take her. She has a hard time talking to others, even trusting them, as she's afraid, to be left alone. Embarrassingly enough, she enjoys to read books at the library, which others find hard to believe because of her poor living conditions. Though she tries to ignore what they say about her.

Wish: For my family to stay happy
Soul Gem: Yellow circle earring on right ear
Weapon: Balloons
Doppel: Anne
A caring, bright young lady. Nanami is a 14-year-old girl who has two close friends, which she deeply cares about and will do anything to make them not fight with each other. She is always smiling and having fun with her friends, from playing at the arcade, shopping, to doing crazy things together. Always seems to find a way to make Hana laugh and smile and even talk more, then being a little sad looking and quiet.

Wish: To have peaceful dreams
Soul Gem: Green butterfly on the end of her hat
Weapon: Pillows
Doppel: Sleeping Briar
A lazy, silly young girl. Sakura is a 14-year-old girl who has two close friends, which she really cares for, especially Tomo. Seems to argue with Tomo sometimes but their little fights ends up getting resolved peacefully thanks to Nanami cheering them both up. Embarrassingly enough, she can easily fall asleep, which to everyone's surprise, they don't know how she can be relaxed so easily all the time.

Wish: Any book I read, I want to actually experience it for real. Like going into the book themselves.
Soul Gem: Blue cat paw print in middle of bow on her chest
Weapon: Oversized Quill Pen
Doppel: Cat
An energetic, bookworm young girl. Tomo is a 14-year-old girl who has two close friends, which she really cares for, especially Sakura. The two do seem to argue sometimes but that's about it since the argues get solved peacefully thanks to Nanami cheering them both up. A total bookworm though, she loves to read all kinds of books from fantasy to romance, thriller to comedy, even to fairy tales.

Wish: I want my father to be the best sailor in all of Yamatori, no the entire world
Soul Gem: Purple teardrop on her tailbone
Weapon: Flintlock Pistol
Doppel: Bartholomew
A clear, positive young lady. Hoseki is a 16-year-old girl who is always shown with a positive attitude and doing positive things such as helping out others or just simply smiles. She is close with the Heiwana twins, Kaori and Yasashi so she tends to team up with the two and for a team of three. She isn't embarrassed by the fact that her wish related to her father being a sailor, even though sailors aren't really popular like they were back in the era of piracy.

Wish: To be with my sister forever
Soul Gem: Orange yin (right side of thigh)
Weapon: Bow
Doppel: Jack
The passive, negative girl. Kaori is a 17-year-old-girl who is usually passive and not really doing much or wanting to do much, she's practically lazy. Is never shown energetic, she's more lethargic and rather have things done for her since she's "too lazy" to do much on her own. Can be usually negative, so she tends to say negative words and saying, but nothing serious enough to make her soul gem darken. Even at school, Kaori needs help just to move, so Yasashi always helps her out, though she never complains about doing so.

Wish: To be with my sister forever
Soul Gem: Orange yang (left side of thigh)
Weapon: Bow
Doppel: Jill
The active, positive girl. Yasashi is a 17-year-old-girl who is usually always active and positive unlike her twin sister Kaori. She enjoys to move around and play, especially certain sports and to smile and have fun while doing so. Always doing and getting things done herself, though she often helps Kaori, even though she states "such as lazy sister I have" but cares for her a lot. Usually needs to help Kaori get up, especially if it's for school or if a witch has appeared somewhere. Embarrassingly enough, always helping out Kaori, especially at school, the others tend to say things like "she's too helpful even if they are twins" or "why can't she ever make Kaori do thing son her own for once", though nine of that gets her down.

Wish: To be faster
Soul Gem: Pink oval on bow that's on the hip
Weapon: Doubled-Sided Scythe
Doppel: Bo-Beep
A smart, caring young lady. Itsuka is a 18-year-old girl who has a few friends that she wants to keep safe, especially from ever finding out she's a magical girl and from witches. She will do anything to keep her precious friends safe from harm, magical girls and witches and especially Kyubey. Embarrassingly enough she had wish to be faster, but so she can get to her friends faster in order to protect them from harm.

Wish: Please cure her from the disease (referring to her teacher)
Soul Gem: Blue square on the back of her right hand
Weapon: Ball-shaped halberd
Doppel: Homarus Gammarus
A docile, caring young girl. Shino is a 12-year-old girl who is super shy around others but seems to have a few friends at least who understand her. Embarrassingly enough she is close with their homeroom teacher, whom cares about her a lot and always trying to help her out as her teacher as best as she could. Shino thinks of their teacher as an older sister-like figure who cares about their younger sister, even though she doesn't see Shino like a younger sister-like figure only her precious student.

Wish: I want people to stop mistreating her novels (referring to her older sister)
Soul Gem: Orange hexagon earring on her left ear
Weapon: Staff with feathers on top (looks sort-of like a brush)
Doppel: Elanor
A loving, curious young girl. Yamagi is a 12-year-old girl who is always curious about things, so she tends to go off on her own to explore. Embarrassingly enough this happens a lot but she never worries, though others do worry about her when she just ups and vanishes like that. She usually gets found though and afterwards a good sterm talking to about her curiosity making her vanish.

Wish: Let her die peacefully (referring to an old lady that lived next door to her)
Soul Gem: Purple circle (on her bellybutton)
Weapon: Double-Edged Axe
Doppel: Skeletós
A emotionless, witch hunting young girl. Tatsuki is a 13-year-old girl who doesn't really show emotions and has no friends, she rather be alone and hunt witches instead of being with others. Doesn't really know how to trust others, so she tends to get them mad at her easily and hate her cause of what she does and says. All she ever wants though is to be with someone who'll love her for who she is.

Wish: I wanna see space, the stars and planets in the galaxy
Soul Gem: Yellow star-shaped anklet
Doppel: Silkie
A energetic, carefree young girl. Akira is a 13-year-old girl who tends to daydream a lot and go into her own world inside her head.

Wish: I want anything that I can draw come to life
Soul Gem: Green crayon (on her choker)
Weapon: Giant Crayon
Doppel: Frida
A crybaby, childish young girl. Narumi is a 14-year-old girl who loves to draw a lot and can get easily caught up in drawing she will forget what's around her or going on around her.

Nagayoshi Ward

Wish: I want to be able to experience stuff from others people point of view
Soul Gem: Purple diamond (on the back of the ribbon around her neck)
Weapon: Halberd

Wish: The life of a cat
Soul Gem: Orange cat paw (collar around neck)
Weapon: Spear (the spearhead looks like a giant cat paw)

Tsurago Ward

Sanato Ward

Wish: To have fun, life is so boring, I want to do fun things that no ordinary people can do
Soul Gem: Blue crescent moon (back of right hand)
Weapon: Gatling Gun

Wish: To have fun, life is so boring, I want to do fun things that no ordinary people can do
Soul Gem: Blue crescent moon (back of left hand)
Weapon: Gatling Gun

Kawabu Ward

Yufu Ward

Kamehama Ward

Tozu Ward


  • Kyubey

A small, cat-like creature. Calling himself an "incubator", he possesses a variety of magical abilities.
This incubator loves to spend it's days messing around, though he also enjoys to grant wishes to young girls with potential to become magical girls.


Runes: Antoinette
Type: Witch of Cake
Nature: Compulsive
The Cake Witch. Her nature is compulsive. This witch has a major compulsive disorder. She must always have cake, if she doesn't have any she'll throw a huge fit and demand her minions to find her some more cake.

Runes Esther
Type Cake witch minion
Duty Cake

Esther is the minion of the Cake Witch. Her duty is cake, which means they are in charge of bringing the cake witch cakes. Because the cake witch eats cake a lot, they carry around a list of all sorts of cake for the cake witch to eat.

Runes: Itsy
Type: Witch of Thread
Nature: Symmetrical
The Thread Witch. Her nature is symmetrical. This is the kind of witch that has to have everything symmetrical, if one thing is asymmetrical she will go into a rage and destroy it. They spew out thread to in order to make things symmetrical.

Runes Zinnia
Type Thread witch minion
Duty Maintain Symmetry

Zinnia is the minion of the Thread Witch. Her duty is maintaining symmetry. They are suppose to maintain the symmetry inside the barrier of the thread witch in order to keep her from going on rage.

Runes Heliantheae
Type Thread witch minion
Duty Removing Asymmetrical

Heliantheae is the minion of the Cake Witch. Her duty is removing asymmetrical messes before the thread witch finds out and goes on a rage. They are to remove the asymmetrical garbage while Zinnia is maintaining the symmetry to keep the thread witch at bay.

Runes: Latrodectus
Type: Witch of Spider
Nature: Grudges
The Spider Witch. Her nature is grudges. This which is known to hold a lot of grudges towards humans, magical girls, or even her own familiars. They can get upset pretty easily due to those grudges that they hold against others.

Runes Menuha
Type Spider witch minion
Duty Being abused

Menuha is the minion of the Spider Witch. Their duty is being abused. They are suppose to be abused by the Spider Witch due to her angry frustrations and grudges that she holds. They are suppose to accept the abuse that she gives them and can't go against her wishes.

Runes: Ptolemy
Type: Witch of Astrology
Nature: Starring
The Astrology Witch. Her nature is starring. This witch just always stares off into the endless night sky, trying to look for astrolomy in the sky, but sadly can never find any. She just sit there looking up without even budging for a thing, not even magical girls.

Runes Alexis
Type Astrology witch minion
Duty Protecting

Alexis is the minion of the Astrology Witch. Her duty is protecting. They are suppose to protect the Astrology Witch, acting like bodyguards since the witch barely moves nor fights magical girls.

Runes Melina
Type Astrology witch minion
Duty Acting as stars

Melina is the minion of the Astrology Witch. Her duty is acting as stars. They are suppose to act as stars in the endless night sky for the Astrology Witch who is always looking up searching for them. They know they can't replace real stars in the sky but try to, in order to make the Astrology Witch happy.

Runes: Gabrielle
Type: Witch of Forget-Me-Not
Nature: Unravel
The Forget-Me-Not Witch. Her nature is unravel. This witch is always sitting in her flower pot, unable to leave it. She's always unraveling her roots which gets tangled when she tries to move or when she gets knocked over. Whenever a magical girl appears inside her barrier, she tries to attack but ends up tripping over her entangled roots.

Runes Alison
Type Forget-Me-Not witch minion
Duty Gardening

Alison is the minion of the Forget-Me-Not Witch. Her duty is gardening. They are suppose to do all the gardening in the barrier, including taking care of the Witch whom can't move from her place, inside her own flower pot.

Doppel Notes

Witch Notes

  • Antoinette is a reference and named after Marie Antoinette the last Queen of France.
    • Esther could be a derivative of the name of the Near Eastern goddess Ishtar.
  • Itsy is a reference to the Itsy Bitsy Spider nursery rhyme.
  • Latrodectus is referenced to the genus of spiders known as Latrodectus.
    • Menuha means "tranquility" in Hebrew.
  • Ptolemy is a referenced and named after Ptolemy, a Greek mathematician, astronomer, geographer and astrologer.
    • Alexis is from the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis) meaning "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) meaning "to defend, to help".
    • Melina is an elaboration of Mel, either from names such as Melissa or from Greek μελι (meli) meaning "honey". A famous bearer was Greek-American actress Melina Mercouri (1920-1994), who was born Maria Amalia Mercouris.
  • Gabrielle is the French feminine form of Gabriel. This was the real name of French fashion designer Coco Chanel (1883-1971).
    • Alison is the Norman French diminutive of Aalis (see ALICE). It was common in England, Scotland and France in the Middle Ages, and was later revived in England in the 20th century via Scotland. Unlike most other English names ending in son, it is not derived from a surname.
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