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More rules will be added later. Contact Porcy or CrystaltheCool for suggestions.

General Rules

  • Do not spam.
  • NSFW content and gore are prohibited. Keep the wiki PG-13. Small amounts of blood are allowed in images.
  • No badge farming or edit farming.
    • Badge/edit farming is the act of intentionally making extremely minor, effortless, and redundant edits to inflate your edit count, or earn badges.
  • Do not put auto-playing music on pages. Music players must be manually turned on.
  • Everyone is allowed to edit your pages for grammar or fixing categories! After all, this is a wiki. You cannot put a template or some form of notice on your pages stating that others are never allowed to edit. User pages are an exception.
  • Don't vandalize. Making unwanted edits to the content of another user's pages will be punished with a ban.
  • You can use official art of visual novel or anime characters as images for your character, but you cannot use pictures from pixiv, deviantART, or any internet artist without permission and credit.
    • You also cannot use a character from Magia Record as a faceclaim for your character.
  • Don't use traced art (bases included) unless it's traced from official Puella Magi Madoka Magica art.
  • Do not create redirects while deleting pages unless specifically necessary. This ends with broken redirects and clutter.
  • No plagiarism. This includes content from other wikis.


  • Do not use the wiki to harass or abuse others.
  • Remain polite to other wiki users, rudeness is discouraged.
  • Do not share personal information (addresses, credit card numbers, etc.) and do not solicit it from other users. The latter will result in a permanent ban and Wikia staff will be contacted. First names can be shared.
  • Do not sockpuppet, or create new accounts with the intention of deceiving others. For example, after being blocked, a user creates an alternate account. They evade their ban and fabricate a new identity. That is sockpuppeting. Sockpuppeting does not have to be ban evasion.
  • Do not impersonate others on this wiki.
  • Harassment of wiki users offsite will be punished the same as harassment onsite. We want everyone to feel safe and happy here!
    • This only applies to users of our wiki being harassed. We have no right to control the way you act entirely outside of our wiki.
  • Minimodding is not allowed. Do not give warnings to other users or tell them what to do. Let the staff do their job.
  • When rules do not prevail, common sense will. Finding loopholes in the rules is impossible because a staff member has the power to enforce unspoken rules, as long as it would arguably be extremely obvious without the rule being listed here.
  • While profanity is allowed in moderation, try to keep it off content pages and do not ever use ethnic, religious, homophobic, or transphobic slurs.