Puella Magi ⭐ Nanachi Magica (プエラマギ⭐ナナチマギカ) or Puella Magi ⭐ Nanachi Magica is a third fanseries created by Princess Mew.


Nanachi Yurimachi is a young idol who one day comes across an incubator known as Kyu, who in return offers Nanachi to make a wish as she had "potential" to become a magical girl.

Each magical girl has their own "arc" featuring them, which will also be connected to each other.


Puella Magi

Wish: I want to be a pure maiden, someone who'll always be a pure virgin, I want those stalkers to understand that i'll never like them nor want to be close with them!
Soul Gem: Pink cross brooch
Weapon: War Hammer
A pure and innocent young lady, Nanachi is a 13-year-old girl who has many but few friends, whom she all cherishes and deeply cares about. A young idol who loves to sing and dance up on stage for others, though she hates "fans" who try to touch her or talk to her inappropriately. Embarrassingly enough, she loves her twin brother sister a lot, though she has a hard time showing it towards anyone, not even herself.

Wish: To be close with my sister, I want to be a girl so I can be with my sister all the time!
Soul Gem: Blue flower hairpin
Weapon: Rapier
A weird, pure hearted young man, Tatachi is a 13-year-old boy who sacrificed his dignity as a man to make a wish from Kyu to become a magical girl, ultimately becoming a girl after wishing to be a girl. She deeply loves her sister, like a lot and will do anything to be with her. Has many friends, despite the wish, so no one really knows that Tatachi was actually a male who became a girl via wish.

Wish: To see my... I want to see my brother one last time before his surgery
Soul Gem: Purple teardrop on her forehead
Weapon: Staff
A shy, polite young lady, Yuki is a 12-year-old girl who doesn't have many friends, though her two classmates Suzu Kokone and Hinata Orenjisaki are her best friends since childhood. She has a hard time talking to others she barely knows, so Suzu and Hinata are always saving her from those situations.

Wish: I wanna be really flexible
Soul Gem: Yellow cat head shape on her hat
Weapon: Claws
A eccentric, crazy young girl, Suzu is a 12-year-old girl who is best friends with Yuki Tamakoin and Hinata Orenjisaki, her childhood friends that she cherishes dearly. Always standing up for Yuki, especially when she gets nervous and shy around strangers or people she barely knows. Tends to act so feline-like that it even surprises Yuki out a bit, though Hinata finds it odd.

Wish: I want to make others really happy
Soul Gem: Orange oval on bowtie
Weapon: Magician's Wand
A caring, protective young girl, Hinata is a 12-year-old girl who is best friends with Yuki Tamakoin and Suzu Kokone, her childhood friends that she will do anything for. Embarrassingly though, she can't make anyone laugh, not even Suzu, she find her jokes plain and boring. Though surprisingly Yuki finds them fun to listen to, even though she knows they're often said to help cheer her up.

Wish: To be free from these webs of lies
Soul Gem: White spider-shaped pendant on headband
Weapon: Whip
A sensitive, shy young lady, Iro is a 15-year-old girl who has no friends besides her magical girl team, people are always so nice to her, but only pretending and telling her lies instead. She's super sensitive and easily to cry, so any lie told to her, she would instantly know it's now true so she would run off and cry somewhere, a place with no one around to see her cry.


  • Kyu (キュ)

A small, cat-like creature. Calling themselves an "incubator", he possesses a variety of magical abilities such as granting wishes for young girls, even granting a wish for a male to become a girl.
This incubator is very childish and loves to play around.


Runes: Jennifer
Type: Witch of Jokester
Nature: Happy
Minions: Annabel & Jakob
The Jokester Witch. Her nature is happy. This witch is always happy and in one good mood. She loves to watch Jakob's tricks / pranks they do for her using the humans Annabel brings in. If you dare to do something that isn't funny, she'll go berserk and began attacking you. She doesn't like anyone who doesn't make her laugh, she'll eliminate them.

♥ Annabel
Runes: Annabel
Type: Minions of the witch of jokester
Duty: Bring in human
Annabel is one of Jennifer's minions, alongside Jakob. Her duty is to bring in humans into the Jokester Witch's barrier for Jennifer, though they are used by Jakob.

♥ Jakob
Runes: Jakob
Type: Minions of the witch of jokester
Duty: Entertainment
Jakob is one of Jennifer's minions, alongside Annabel. His duty is to entertain Jennifer, by doing various tricks / pranks for her with the various humans Annabel brings in.

Runes: Elina
Type: Witch of Frog
Nature: Amnesia
Minions: Clarisse
The Frog Witch. Her nature is amnesia. This witch always has a headache and forgetting things. She can be doing one thing and then she'll get a headache and afterwards forgets what she's doing and start doing something completely different. She can be doing one thing but then turns around and does another right after that headache kicks in.

♥ Clarisse
Runes: Clarisse
Type: Minions of the witch of frog
Duty: Reminding
Clarisse is the witch of frog's minions. They are always following right after her, so whenever she gets a headache, they can help remind her of what she was doing. They tend to attack any magical girl who enters the labyrinth when Frog Witch is in a lot of pain.


These arcs feature each magical girls story.

The Idol Who Became A Magical Nun

This arc features Nanachi Yurimachi story. It tells how Nanachi made a contract with Kyu and became a magical girl. It will later show her Doppel form.

The Twin Brother Who Became A Magical Girl

This arc features Tatachi Yurimachi story. It tells how Tatachi found out about Nanachi bing a magical girl and how he made a contract with Kyu and became a magical girl. It will later show her Doppel form.

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The Idol Who Became A Magical NunThe Twin Brother Who Became A Magical Girl



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