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Puella Magi Kakera ☆ Magica (魔法少女かけら☆マギカ Mahō shōjo Kakera ☆ Magika?) is a fanseries created by NaCl. The series is an anthology of different magical girls in different locations.


Each story is a different set of characters, with different point of view, in different locations, with separate plotlines, but all of them have a specific connection. "Kakera" means "fragment", just like each of the stories are a fragment, they are pieces of a puzzle that need to be put together.


Overall characters

Kyuubey (キュゥべえ?), or rather, Incubator (インキュベータ?)

Japansese pronouns: boku (ボク?)

The "messenger of magic" who grants wishes for Magical Girls. He neither understand human emotions nor express them, only focus on logic terms that can benefit himself and the universe.

Magical Girls

Naotoku Nagomi (正独 なごみ?)

Origin: Kamimura village (transfered to Kazusada ward of Kotonazo City)

Japanese pronouns: watashi (?)

Wish: "I want to go to High school! I want to study more! Any school doesn't matter, I just want to go to High school!"

Soul Gem: Purple butterfly brooch on chest

Weapon: Handgun

School: Kazusada Preparatory High school, 10th grade

An unlucky girl who, although intelligent and smart, she still did not get a chance to go to the school she wants. Her parents were divorced and she has been living with her mother. When get into a new school, she is severely bullied by other because of untrue rumours, thus leading to her having suspicions around people and her protest of opening up to others.

Nobara Morika (野薔薇 森花?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Hannya ward

Japanese pronouns: Morika (もりか?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Green antenna devices on head

Weapon: Wooden staff with vines

School: Kotonazo Elementary School, 6th grade

A bubbly and cheerful girl. She has been friends with Aito for over a decade. Since she is bad at lying, it is hard to hide her biggest secret, especially from her best friend.

Nobara Natsue (野薔薇 夏笑?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Hannya Ward

Japanese pronouns: watashi (?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Red rose on bow

Weapon: Whip adorned with thorns

School: Utopia Academy, 10th grade

A veteran Magical Girl, having active for two years. A caring and gentle person, and a reliable sister to Morika. Still, she does not have any idea of the origins of Witches and Soul Gems's truth.

Nekoi Rizumi (猫井 リズミ?)

Origin: Funami Town (living in Hannya Ward of Kotonazo City)

Japanese pronouns: Rizumi (リズミ?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Indigo star on left thigh's garter

Weapon: Drumsticks

School: Utopia Academy, 9th grade

A girl with an infatuated singing voice and has a dream to become an idol in the future. She has been attending various auditions in the city, and sometimes coming to her hometown as well.

Hisame Rei (氷雨 零?)

Origin: Kamimura village

Japanese pronouns: watashi (?)

Wish: "I don't want to fight witches."

Soul Gem: Silver skull on belt

Weapon: Throwing knife

School: Kamimura Branch School, 8th grade

Looks calm and cool-headed at first, but in fact she is a coward. As a result of her wish, she can ignore any witches and turn down any offer without lack of responsibility. She can fight if she wants to, but she chose to steal Grief Seeds from other Magical Girls instead.

Ikazuchi Kogane (雷 こがね?)

Origin: Kamimura Village

Japansese pronouns: boku (ぼく?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Gold thunder-shaped on beltchain

Weapon: Sword with the blades look like axes

School: Kamimura Branch school, 7th grade

Kogane was born and raised in Kamimura Village, and has been living there for all her life. Because of that, she knows next to nothing about modern technology, and even having trouble using a vending machine. She looks on to Rei as her senpai, not knowing she is also a Magical Girl.

Kamimura Sakaki (神村 榊?)

Origin: Kamimura Village

Wish: "I want to be admired by the people here! Make me the living goddess of this Village!"

Soul Gem: White sakaki flower on right torso

Weapon: Tamagushi

Japanese pronouns: watashi (ワタシ?)

School: Kamimura Branch School, 12th grade

The only child of the village Head, who also the Shrine Maiden of Kamimura Shrine. She has a unique dialect way of speaking, and seems to be a little eccentric.

Hakusei Trio

Hakusei Taiko (白星 鯛子?)

Origin: Funami Town

Japanese pronouns: watashi (わたし?)

Wish: "Whatever illness I have, cure it! I want to have a healthy body!"

Soul Gem: Ice blue asymmetrical octagon in right thigh's garter

Weapon: Tambourine

School: Funami Town school, 7th grade

An ill girl that rarely goes out of her bed, finally have the chance to go to school and family trips, after wishing to become a healthy girl. She is the one who designed the town school's uniform.

Hakusei Orime (白星 織女?)

Origin: Funami Town

Japanese pronouns: Ori (オリ?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Camouflage medal

Weapon: Hand loom

School: Funami Town school, 9th grade

She is especially good in tailoring and embroidery, with the town school's uniform is herself choosing the materials. Though may too old for her age, she likes reading fairy tales.

Hakusei Rita (白星 璃珠?)

Origin: Funami Town (lives in Kamimura Village)

Japanese pronouns: watashi (わたし?)

Wish: "Make the hospital and the people return to how they was!"

Soul Gem: Red cross on chest

Weapon: Mines

School: Kamimura Branch School,10th grade

She usually helps at the local clinic and delivering drugs and medicine to other villagers. Once, the hospital was destroyed in a fire, she wished to restore it and recover all casualties.

Kyunado Trio

Kyunado Mauri (玖奈門 舞梨?)

Origin: Funami Town

Japanese pronouns: atashi (アタシ?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: Magenta cicle in anchor-shaped zipper

Weapon: Anchor connected to chain (mace)

School: Funami Town school, 11th grade

The oldest Magical in Funami Town before Aki transferred in. She wants to portrayed herself as a respectful and mature senior, but usually backfired because of her harsh attitude. Her Magical Girl outfit is rather revealing, and she doesn't like that one bit.

Kyunado Rushii (玖奈門 流志?)

Origin: Funami Town

Japanese pronouns: uchi (ウチ?)

Wish: ""

Soul Gem: White diamond on necklace

Weapon: Missiles

School: Funami Town school, 8th grade

A girl who has a passion for guns and ammo, with a collection of various models in her room. Because of an accident when collecting a real gun, she was forbidden touching them.

Kyunado Aki (玖奈門 陽姫?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Kazusada Ward (transfered to Funami Town)

Japanese pronouns: watakushi (わたくし?)

Wish: "I don't want to be hated."

Soul Gem: Russet Pentagon on waistband's bow

Weapon: Incantations

School: Kazusada Preparatory High school, 12th grade

A distant relative of one of the Kyunado household's branch family, born in another city. The initial attitude of hers in fact is just a facade to help her survive in Kazusada school where bullying is known for. In truth, she is an easy-going person and can get along with everyone. Formerly was involved in Polka's gang and betrayed, she transferred to Funami to have a new, fresh start.

Other characters

Momosaki Aito (桃咲 藍兎?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Hannya ward

Japanese pronouns: ore (?)

School: Kotonazo Elementary School, 6th grade

A normal boy with a normal life. He has been friends with Morika for over a decade, with a strong determination to find the truth since he saw his best friend's weird behaviour. His hobby is taking pictures, and he is one of the Photography Club's members of Kotonazo Elementary School.

Suzukaze Polka (鈴風 ぽるか?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Kazusada ward

Japanese pronouns: atakushi (あたくし?)

School: Kazusada Preparatory High school, 10th grade

The leader of the bullies that harass Nagomi. Born in a wealthy family, she was spoiled by her parents and get anything she wants. Even the teachers and her family approve her bullying. She calls everyone her best friend, but she can stab anyone in their backs if they don't obey her.

Masatsune Ikoto (正常 いこと?)

Origin: Kamimura village (transfered to Kazusada ward, then Hannya ward of Kotonazo City)

Japanese pronouns: watashi (?)

School: Kazusada Preparatory High school (formerly), Utopia Academy (curent), 10th grade

Nagomi of another timeline. She does not have any potential to be a Magical Girl whatsoever, and because her grandfather did not died and he allowed her family to live in the city, her parents didn't divorced. She still failed her entrance exam to her ideal school, but she transferred to a better one, and promised herself to be a better person than the stubborn, bashful pushover one in the past.

Minamitsu Kio (水蜜 キオ?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Hannya Ward (lives in Kamimura Village for business)

Japanese pronouns: jibun (自分?)

The doctor of Minamitsu Clinic, also Haniko's big brother. Calm and collected, but he is also shown to have a liking to anatomization. His hobby is watching horror movies.

Minamitsu Haniko (水蜜 はにこ?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Hannya Ward (lives in Kamimura Village for business)

Japanese pronouns: Hani (ハニ?)

School: Not currently enrolled (formerly Utopia Academy)

The nurse of Minamitsu Clinic, also Kio's little sister. She may joky on the outside, but in fact she is really good at reading people's body language and analyzing them. She hates people who lies.

Sakai Mayoi (酒井 マヨイ?)

Origin: Kotonazo City, Kazusada Ward

Japansese pronouns: wachishi (わちし?)

School: Kazusada Preparatory High School, 9th grade

A member of Polka's clique, who is also the daughter of Sakai Bar's owner, talented in liquor dispensing. She usually invited her group to her house to hold parties.

Funabashi Kofune (舟橋 コフネ?)

Origin: Funami Town

Japanese pronouns: atashi (あたし?)

School: Funami Municipal School (University second year)

The Town Mayor's daughter, who runs Funabashi Craft Store. A fortunate person who coincidentally observed inexplainable abnormalis, which cannot interpreted by science.


  • Acoso

Runes: acoso

Type: Witch of torturing

Nature: Persecutor

Familiar: Matona (matona)

The Witch of torturing. Her nature is tortuous. She finds joy in torturing someone and loves to hear their screams. Ironically, she only target bullies as her victims.

  • Baba Vanga

Runes: baba Vanga

Type: Witch of Prophecies

Nature: Prophetic

Familiar: Oracle (oracle)

The Witch of Prophecies. Her nature is prophetic. Her predictions are never wrong. With the help of a gigantic crystal ball, she can see all the decided futures, and will do anything to stop the bad from happening.

  • Kaya

Runes: kaya

Type: Witch of Wealth

Nature: Manipulative

Familiar: Aya (aya)

The Witch of Wealth. Her nature is manipulative. She likes to manipulate people to her trap of treasures and taking their belongings, despite having more than enough money, gold, diamonds, and so forth. To her, money is never enough.

  • Obelisk

Runes: obelisk

Type: Witch of Towers

Nature: Exalted

Familiar: Touya (touya)

The Witch of Towers. Her nature is exalted. She is especially good in making buildings, but to her dismay, every final creations never come to her expectations. With that, she smashes them all up and make them again with her workers.


Kotonazo City (異謎市 Kotonazo-shi?)

A large city located in the northeast of Japan, recently undergoing a rapid development, known for most modern technologies available within the city. Only two wards are introduced and mentioned in the series.

Hannya Ward (般若区 Han'nya-ku?)

Here, creativity and originality are greatly exhorted. Each resident has their own talent and potential. This ward mostly is known for theatre and local art.

Notable locations

Kazusada Ward (和完区 Kazusada-ku?)

Most of residents here are wealthy, or famous politicians. Strict rules are applied even for children at a young age. Famous for rare and original liquor recipes and 24/7 active game centers.

Notable locations
  • Kazusada Preparatory High school (和完予備高校 Kazusada yobi kōkō?)
  • Sakai Bar (酒井バー Sakai bā?)
  • Yugikoma Game Center (遊戯駒ゲームセンター Yūgikoma gēmusentā?)

Funami Town (船海町 Funami-chō?)

A coaster town near the sea, flooded with tourist every year for their fresh seafood. The residents here are well-known with their friendliness and caring.

Notable locations
  • Funami Municipal School (船海町立学校 Funami chōritsu gakkō?)
  • Funabashi Craft Store (舟橋クラフトストア Funabashi kurafuto sutoa?)

Kamimura Village (神村集落 Kamimura-shūraku?)

A secluded village deep in the mountains, far from the cities. Because of that, technologies and equipments that used here are old and outdated. The village in fact is named after the family who lead it, not the other way around.

Notable locations
  • Kamimura Branch School (神村分校 Kamimura bunkō?)
  • Kamimura Shrine (神村神社 Kamimura jinja?)
  • Minamitsu Clinic (水蜜診療所 Minamitsu shinryōsho?): The clinic that Rita is working in.


  • "Acoso" means "bullying", and "Matona" means "bully" in spanish.
  • "Baba Vanga" is a reference to Baba Vanga, a person believed to have paranormal abilities and accurate future predictions.
  • "Kaya" means "rich" in Filipino and "diamond" in Turkish. For the familiars, the kanji "manipulate" (?) can be read as "Aya".
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