"It seemed that she enjoyed her days of fighting, but those days wouldn't last long." ― Byutey reading the prophecy in OVA Episode 3.

Puella Magi Hanami Magica (魔法少女お花見❀マギカ Mahō Shōjo Hanami Magika?), also known as HanaMagi (花見マギカ?) for short, is the first title in the Hanami Magica series, a spin-off animation of the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica with Jackii Kuramoto as the creator. The series was directed and written by Yuki Mizuno with original outfit designs by Jaimie Akamine.

Besides the anime, tons of other Hanami Magica products have been released, including several manga spin-offs, a movie adaptation, and more.


In Akiruno, everything's pretty peaceful. Not very eventful. A schoolgirl named Hanami Hatake and her friends Yuki MizunoIchigo HoshimiyaCharm Santos and Megumi Chiaki always hang out together, having fun like normal high school girls. But, their life is suddenly changed by a small cabbit creature...

Byutey, an Incubator, offers to grant these girls a wish. However, they must turn into a magical girl and fight against witches, evil beings born from curses responsible for many deaths. Hanami and her friends accept, and now they are saving the world from these witches! With the support of other magical girls like Hikari Aikawa and Jaimie Akamine, they can help free the world of witches!

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  • Characters — List of all major, minor characters, witches and their familiars in the anime.
  • Manga — Manga adaptation of the anime's story by Hatty.
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