Not to be confused with Misaki Umika, her PMKM counterpart.


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Monica is a Human/Magical Girl from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Name Monica
Alias The Spellcaster

Umika (Pen name)

Age 15-17 (Pre-Defenders)

32 (Post-Defenders)

Color theme ???
Weapon Spellbook
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Light Blue
Race Human/Magical Girl
Allies Kristen Magaret
Affiliation An unknown Magical girl team
Appears in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!

A rather cheery person and a far from cold Magical Girl, Monica became an accomplished novelist (under the pen name Umika) in some point. She is also one of the Magical Girls who is a member of an unknown team along with Kristen Margaret.

Monica is also responsible for erasing any civilian's memories if they found out the Magical Girls' existence, unless you're one of those people who encountered them for multiple times. Better keep their existence as a secret, or she will do it for you.

She's also known as The Spellcaster.


  • Kajiuria System - After being assimilated with the system, Monica can use Magic Abilities.
  • "Full Boost" - Monica can increase her magic's attack strength. However, due to the potential risk of overriding the system, Monica would get killed if she further increases her Magic's strength.


  • .Spear - Monica's melee weapon, which is formed from her spellbook.
  • Spell Book - She possessed a spellbook which can keep her magic spells.


  • Voice Actress:
    • Brina Michelle Palencia (English, all media)
    • Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese, all media)
  • Like her Kazumi Magica counterpart:
    • She wanted to be a novelist.
  • Continuing the tradition of Puella Magi Franchise references: Her pen name, Umika, is obviously based on her Kazumi Magica's name.

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