Momona Hachimitsu
Name Momona Hachimitsu
Alias Momo-chan
Age 16
Soul Gem A pink tooth located in the left side of her head
Contract Wish "Hm... My dad made me suffer in his dirty hands... I wish to make him feel the same pain I was feeling... In the prison..."
Color theme Pink
Weapon Crowbar
Birthday 1st May 2008
Zodiac Taurus
Height 144cm
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pinkish Brown
Race Magical Girl
Blood Type B+
Home World Earth
Allies Naomi Nishijima, Chitose Aoyama, Elizabeth Ross, Mina Furuse, Sumire Aihara
Affiliation Huntresses of the City
Appears in Magical ✩ Girls: Hunter Machine

Momona Hachimitsu (蜂蜜 モモナ Hachimitsu Momona) is one of the main protagonists in the fan made anime Magical ✩ Girls: Hunter Machine. She is the member of the Huntresses of the City. Momona studies in Umiko High School.


Momona grew up with her parents and two little brothers. Since Momona was grewing up, her father showed interest in her and often abused her physically to hide it. Momona's mother noticed the strange behavior and the malicious looks that her husband threw at his daughter. She decided to divorce him after a long conversation about it wich he denied several times. Momona was ten at the time.

Three years has passed, and when Momona was going to school, her father caught her by the waist as she struggled. Many people saw the scene and beat Momona's father. He was doing it in weeks, Momona's mother took her to school on a few days.

Some weeks later, when Momona was going to school, Kyubey appeared and had a conversation with her, she saw her father behind a wall of an alley and quick maked her contract with him, the police arrived the place quickly and arrested him, since them, Momona becomed a magical girl. She is a magical girl since she was thirteen years old.


Momona seens to be a cold girl who is only interested in her studies and doesn't like to socialize. She have trauma of mens after what happened three years ago.

She looks to be a little dandere and prefers to be reserved and only talks to someone if she needs. She is very shy often, but can show her sweetness when she like someone.


High Pitched Scream

Momona's ability can confuse and stun the minions/witches, when she reaches the magic limit, it can explode the minions' bodies. When the ability is activated, pink blowing huge rings come out of her mouth, the high pitched sound only affects minions and witches, Momona's partners will not feel uncomfortable with the sound.


Normal Form

Momona have a dark pink long and curly hair who is tied up by a white long tie styled in a crooked ponytail. She have pinkish brown eyes with huge eyelashes and rosy cheeks. She wears Umiko High School uniform with blueish gray transparent pantyhose with brown outdoor shoes.

Magical Girl

Momona have a light pink hair who she prefers to untie before transform. She have a pink body with huge white ruffles in the chest area and a white and black zipper like detail. She have a pink mini skirt with white stripes forming drawings on it. She have a pink puffle collar and a pair of pink angel wings. She have a light pink halo above her head and her pink Soul Gem in form of tooth as a hair clip in the left side of her head. Her hands are dark pink colored and wears collar puffles in the shins. Momona has a pink aura around her entire body.


Junko Hachimitsu (mother)

Status: Alive

Hotaka Hachimitsu (father)

Status: Unknown (arrested)

Akio Hachimitsu (younger brother)

Status: Alive

Kazuki Hachimitsu (younger brother)

Status: Alive

Izumi Takara (paternal aunt)

Status: Alive

Yoshi Takara (cousin)

Status: Alive

Jun Takara (cousin)

Status: Alive


Naomi Nishijima (best friend)

Chitose Aoyama (best friend)

Elizabeth Ross (best friend)

Mina Furuse (best friend)

Sumire Aihara (best friend)

Izabel Ross (friend)


  • Momona's surname "Hachimitsu" means "honey" 蜂蜜 (hachimitsu)
  • Momona suffered so much aggression of her father that she is afraid of mens, especially her teachers
  • Momona is the smallest girl of the group
  • She feels secure towards Mina who sayed that she feels the need to protect her. It is not known if Mina has a crush on Momona or she feels she needs to protect her because of the old controversy Momona had with her father.
  • She sayed she always desired to fly
  • Momona and Sumire have always studied together since childhood becoming best friends amongst the years



Soul Gem: [1]

Character made in Kisekae

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