Puella Magi Miyako Magica
Miyako 1|]]
Name Miyako Shirosawa
Age 14
Soul Gem Grayish-blue
Contract Wish To be able to see again
Weapon Bow and arrow
Wish-Related Abilities Ability to turn her scarf into a bow string
Birthday May 28
Zodiac Gemini
Height 5'5"
Weight aaaa
Hair Color short, light brown
Eye Color honey brown
Blood Type AB
Allies Kazue Toyotomi, Yuuki Masumoto
Appears In none

General Information

Miyako Shirosawa is a 14 year old girl who lives in Mitakihara with her friends Yuuki and Kazue.


Miyako is normally quiet and reserved, and her voice is often shaky in tone. She tries her best to speak up more often, but it never works out.(under construction)


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Puella Magi Kazue Magica Series

Miyako serves as a secondary protagonist in the fanfiction series Puella Magi Kazue Magica series. She is part of a trio with Kazue and Yuuki.

Miyako serves as their classmate for most of the first act of the series. In the second act, she decides to become a magical girl. Halfway through the third act, Miyako falls into despair and transforms into Convallo, the witch of enmity.


Miyako wields a bow that she personally calls "Lily of the Valley".