Not to be confused with Miya Yoshino, a character from the Magical Molly! Reboot Series.

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Puella Magi Miya
Name Miya Momotami
Age About 14
Soul Gem Silver
Contract Wish To protect Chiyo
Weapon Staff
Wish-Related Abilities Able heal herself and others
Birthday March 6
Zodiac Pisces
Height 5' 3"
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Silvery-white
Eye Color Violet
Blood Type A
Allies Chiyo, Akako

General Information

Miya Momotami is a 14 year old girl who lives in Mitakihara and is best friends with Chiyo and Akako. Her original wish was for Chiyo to survive the car crash that had killed Chiyo's mother. Miya is the oldest child of 2 and lives with her father and her younger brother, Keisuke.


Miya is a usually quiet person and tends to keep a lot of things to herself. She desires a peaceful life and constant security. She is emotionally fragile, but she tries to be loyal, dependable, and faithful. She has a strong sense of duty, so she has a difficult time saying "no" and can easily be taken advantage of. She feels like she has a purpose and that it is to serve others, and she has an extreme fear of being unwanted and feeling unloved. She feels that it is a privilege to be in the lives of others and tends to be overprotective of those she cares about due to her fear of losing everything dear to her.



Miya grew up in a small town a ways away from Mitakihara with her mother and her father. At the age of five, her younger brother was born, but about a year after his birth, their mother had left them alone with their father, but she was never seen after that. She developed a tinge of hatred towards both her mother, wishing she didn't leave her alone. After she had left them, the family had moved to Mitakihara. She alone was raised by her father, who had worked nights and began to abuse alcohol, using it to "drown out his sorrows" and eventually began to drink excessively. She often took care of her younger brother but received little attention and recognition from her father, who slept during the day. She rarely interacted with other children her age until she had met Chiyo, who had initiated a conversation with her. Miya quickly became attached to this new face and called her the "best person she's ever met".

Puella Magi Miya



Miya is Chiyo's best friend and was the main reason Miya became a Puella Magi. The two are very close and Miya is usually never seen leaving Chiyo's side. She is also very protective of Chiyo, and treats her like "one of the people she really cares about".


As a magical girl, she wields a staff, and she has the ability to heal and protect others from attacks for a short time, but she is perfectly capable of fighting on her own. Most of her magical attacks are earth-based, but she usually isn't one to do a lot of attacking.

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