If you're looking for the spin-off starring her as the main character, see Raven: Half-Human, Half-Witch.

For the alternate timeline version of the character, see Maia Haruka/Alternate Realities.

Maia Haruka/Raven is a Human/Witch hybrid from the Half-Human, Half-Witch portion of the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family. She was also known as the Black Crow and The Last Witch.
Maia Haruka/Raven
Name Maia Haruka (Real name)

Raven (Alias)

Alias Half-Witch, The Black Crow (Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION),The Last Witch (Magical Defenders)
Age 17-18 (Pre-Defenders)

33 (Post-Defenders)

Weapon Half-Witch:
  • Arm-mounted swords


  • Pistols
  • Combat Knives
Birthday Unknown
Height 165cm
Hair Color Black with shades of purple/Dark Plum
Eye Color Indigo
Race Human (former)

Witch (current)

Blood Type ???
Allies Currently:


Appears in Main:
  • Raven: Half-Human, Half-Witch


  • Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION
  • Sabrina Fortissimo
  • Magical Molly! Shorts
  • Magical Defenders

Once an ordinary human named Maia Haruka, She is one of the victims who was injected by a Dark Seed by Arstella (and one of the civilians which Hilda Adams couldn't save), and nearly becoming one of them. After Hilda had "saved" her life (by forcefully pulled out the Seed from Maia's back of the neck, while the Seed's energy only injected half to her body), Maia became humanity's first (and only) female human hybrid with Witch's powers (which she calls herself a Half-Witch), and bearing another personality: "Raven". With the Witch itself nearly taking over her body, and her original memories were lost during her first (and temporarily) transformation. After Maia had turned back into a human and suffers a huge memory loss, she bears a calm but cold personality. 

Due to possessing the Witch's blood, Maia is shown to have a vicious & murderous side when she was in her witch mode, showing no mercy to any Witches/Demons (or occasionally: Magical Girls, if they stand in her way). Because of this, she prefers to fight alone. Despite this, she occasionally allies with Magical Girls, only in a limited time. Even though Maia have regain traces of her previous persona's memories, Maia also fears that the Witch inside her is slowly taking over her mind, unless she learns to take control of it.

After the final battle has finished, Maia was forced to leave Earth along with Morianna and co. by residing in Kajiuria, hoping to find a cure for her.

Weapons & Abilities


  • Combat knives
  • Faux Magical Girl - Maia can don herself into a makeshift Magical Girl-sque outfit, with some hints on her Witch form.

Half-Witch Abilities/powers

Due to her being particially assimilated with the Seed's power, she showed agile abilities during her fight with the witches (or Magical Girls).

  • Agility - Raven/Maia can attack enemies in a greater speed (limited to 0.5 seconds).
  • Durability - Raven/Maia can resist any attack (light, medium, & sometimes high).

Before her complete transformation, she possesses several abilities from the Witch:

  • Regeneration - Raven/Maia can heal her wounds quickly.
  • Flight - Raven/Maia can grow a pair (or 6 in Defenders) of crow-like wings to fly.
  • Arm Cannon -  Raven/Maia can summon a cannon (which is modelled from a Crow's head (?)) in either arm, and she can fire sharp projectiles, which can impale any Witch...or Magical Girls.  When the enemy had made a contact with the projectile, It will provide an injury similar to a burn from a hazardous chemical. However: multiple shots can be fatal to the victim.

She was able to summon other abilities:

  • Hand claws - Raven/Maia can summon black-colored hand claws, and it can cut through harder materials. For some reasons, it only gives a scratch to Kristen's Capitano Potenza.
  • Arm-mounted Sword - Raven/Maia can summon an arm-mounted sword in either hand.
  • Pre-Evolved form - Raven/Maia can turn into a organic 4-eyed humanoid Witch with her pair of claws combined with her sword. However: if she used this form for too long, she will attack anyone (ally or foe) under a blind rage.
  • Throwing Daggers - Raven/Maia can summon feather-shaped daggers to throw at enemies. It also can be used as a melee weapon.

Witch abilities

  • Giant Crow[1] - During her Pre-Evolved form, she can transform into a giant crow in her will. This mode also can transport 2 (or sometimes 3) humans. Unknown to Raven, this mode is actually her complete Witch form.
  • Violent Emotion - In Magical Molly! THE GAME, Raven/Maia (in her Pre-Evolved form) can activate this ability. Once activated, Her physical strength increases, her eyes glowing bright tyrian purple, and deploys razor sharp curved arm blades, which shaped like wings.


  • Voice Actor:
    • Kira Buckland (English, all media)
    • Maaya Uchida (Japanese, all media)
  • Motto: I choose my side.
  • Appearance-wise, Maia is heavily inspired by Kuroki Rei from Vividred Operation.
    • But only drawn in MadoMagi-style design.
    • She also shares the same voice actor.
  • She bears the same height as Hilary.
  • Maia's Half-Witch design is reminiscent to a Harpy, a half-human and half-bird personification of storm winds, in Homeric poems.
  • Maia being a Half-Human with Witch powers is an homage to Kamen Riders, which they were modified cyborgs/monsters in the beginning.
  • Maia's transformation into a Half-Witch is somehow a heavy homage to Bio Booster Armor Guyver or Venom from Marvel Comics.
  • Her half-Witch form had shared some similarities to Kazumi from Kazumi Magica:
    • She gained greater strength, but not unusual pupils and sharper teeth.
    • Her hands are transformed into long claws (or arm-mounted swords), but not her feet.
    • She became animalistic in a short time, however she can gain control by herself before the Witch's darkness had fully controlled her.
      • She also shared another similarity: She ultimately but nearly lost her memories (after becoming a Half-Witch after she had injected half of the seed's energy, while Kazumi (as a clone) had her memories wiped out by the Pleiades Saints).
  • She shared a few similarities to:
    • Characters outside the Puella Magi Franchise:
      • Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero:
        • Due to her erasing her entire emotions, she hardly share any feelings to any people she met.
      • Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic The Hedgehog series:
        • She occasionally cooperates with Magical Girls.
        • During her fight with Witches/Demons, She has a ruthless edge in combat, and displays a natural "killer instinct".
      • The Hulk from the Marvel Comics universe:
        • In her Half-Witch form, she also attacks her allies. (except when it was occasional)
  • Raven-witch-rune
    Maia is the only Half-Witch to have her own personal Witch Rune.
  • In her Half-Witch form, she is a silent killer. However she can talk in her own will.
  • Her name, Haruka, is probably derived from Koumi Haruka from Rail Wars!, which Maaya Uchida previously voiced.
  • Her transformation into a giant crow into a normal-sized human and back is a reference of the mass displacements from various Cybertronians from the Transformers series.
  • During her fight with Witches in her Half-Witch form, the concept of "Witch attacking other Witches" is a reference of the manga chapter from Kazumi Magica, and of course: The climax of The Rebellion Story.
  • Because of Maia's new name, some people might have believed that she's a Chuunibyou.Magical Molly! Shorts
  • Maia's dual personality might have inspired from Dr. Jerkyll & Mr. Hyde (no, NOT that Hyde) from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • Raven's English VA, Kira Buckland, also voiced Helena Kelley in Magical Defenders.
  • According to the production notes:
    • Maia is a 3rd year student before she was expelled.
    • Maia is an orphan.
    • Maia is revealed to be a cynical & unhappy woman before her memories were wiped out. This was later used for her Alternate Realities counterpart.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: マイア·ハルカ (Maiya Haruka), 黒いのカラス (Kuroi no Karasu).


  1. According to Arstera, Maia's Complete Witch Form is a "Giant sharp-feathered Corvus Corax", and it's based on a Thunderbird, a large cryptid.

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