Magica-quartet magical-molly-logo
Magica-quartet magical-molly-logo

The Magical Molly! Reboot (commonly known as Magica Quartet's Magical Molly!) featured the following primary components:


  • Despite theories, the franchise is NOT a reboot of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but instead it's a non-4Kids remake of Magical Molly!.
  • Most of the English voice actors of Madoka Magica provide the voices of their perspective characters, while other characters (adapted from the manga & some new ones) were voiced by Funimation's, and any other veteran voice actors.
  • Several of the characters were new and exclusive for the franchise, while some of them were (sometimes loosely) adapted from Puella Magi-related fan content, and official spin-offs.

Fun Facts

  • The biggest selling point of the franchise is the various references & easter eggs from many Puella Magi series.
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