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Magical Defenders (マジカル☆ディフェンダー) is an 2016 Japanese/American TV Anime series, produced by Magica Quartlet and Aniplex. It is the sequel of the 3rd season of Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION, and the 4th installment of the Magical Molly! Reboot TV series. The show will be taking decades after the original series. The series will run at least 20 Episodes.

Keiichi Hasegawa (writer of Ultraman Nexus) will be providing the script for most episodes, and Gen Urobuchi will write several of them. Like several Magical Molly! Reboot works, SHAFT will be providing the animation. Once again, Yuki Kajiura will be composing the music for the series, with contributions by Toshihiko Sahashi & Shiro Sagisu.


Magical Defenders follows Helena Anderson, a young girl who was dragged into a battle between Kajiurans and evil creatures called "Neo Witches", and became one of the Magical Girls, the ones who previously defended humanity 15 years ago. Now fighting with her Kajiuran allies, Helena advances to save humanity once again.


Main Characters

Magical Girls


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Returning characters



  • Lylia (Tomatsu Haruka/???)

Theme songs


  • Luminous ~2017 Version~ by ClariS (Uncut version, 1st)
  • RESTART ~2017 Version~ by ClariS (2nd)


  • Collage by ClariS (Episode 1, Uncut version)


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  1. It was reported that the sequel will be the final saga/conclusion of the franchise, taking years after the end of the third season.[1]
  2. Japanese Voice Actresses Risa Taneda & Fukuhara Ayaka will be joining the cast.
  3. Two silhouetted characters are revealed with their motif subtitles written: Rebel, & Clone.
  4. The producer has possibilities for hiring Gen Urobuchi for write the scripts for some episodes.
  5. Maaya Uchida (the Japanese voice of Raven/Maia Haruka) has signed on for the continuation. This had sparked several (but sometimes true) rumors about Raven returning.
  6. The secondary silhouetted character is revealed (before the first) to be Elizabeth Visconti. The producer says that this character will be completely different to the character appearing in Shorts.
    • Fukuhara Ayaka will be voicing the character.
  7. It was reported that several of the main cast will be returning for the series.
  8. An English dub of the sequel is also announced. The main English cast will reprise their roles as their perspective characters, while Xanthe Huyth (voice of Nagisa Momoe) will be casted in an unspecified role.
  9. The series' protagonist is revealed: Helena Kelley.
  10. The title is revealed: Magical Defenders.
  11. Keiichi Hasegawa (Chief Writer of Ultraman Nexus) joins the writer's room.
  12. Gen Urobuchi is confirmed to return for writing the scripts, but only for several episodes.
  13. The first silhouetted character is revealed (after the second) to be Anita.
    • Nao Toyama will be voicing the character, rather than Risa.
  14. Kira Buckland will be voicing Helena Kelley. She also reports that she will also reprise her role as Raven.
  15. It was confirmed that several supporting characters (excluding Helena) will be non-human.
  16. Risa Taneda will be voicing Arstera's original form in the sequel.
  17. A new supporting character is revealed: Saya.
  18. Several new characters was revealed: Amia, Aran, & Seria.
  19. The producer revealed that Defenders will expand to 16 more episodes.


Main Article: Magical Defenders: Plan "A"

A manga spin-off for the series is currently planned, which centers Anita as the main character.


  • Fanon-wise, Magical Defenders features the debut of Risa Uchida providing the voice of a main character for a TV series.
  • Magical Defenders is originally to be planned as a 120-minute Animated film before it was eventually written as a TV series.
  • The Home Video releases of Magical Defenders is the only Magical Molly! Reboot Series not to be distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment, due to their licensing being expired.

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  1. Despite the final battle, there are some other traces of what Arstera had left behind.

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