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This page will be used to document the events that occur during sessions of "Magical Burst!", a Dungeons&Dragons-esque game centered around magical girls that will soon have a campaign in this wiki's discord server. The campaign will begin on May 5, to give users time to prepare. All sessions will be held on Saturdays, and each campaign will run for roughly 13 sessions.

The materials used in all campaigns will be:

  • The 5.0 manual, with elements of the 4.0 manual due to 5.0 being incomplete. The specifics are up to the specific campaign GM's discretion. All players must read the 5.0 manual.
  • RPbot, for dice rolling.
  • There will be a maximum of six players, including the GM.
  • All players and the GM will be using voice chat to communicate in the game. The Transcriber will also be present - though if the Transcriber is neither a player nor the GM, their microphone will be muted.
  • Non-participants can listen, but they must have their microphone muted.

All campaigns will have a Game Master (GM) and a Transcriber. The GM runs the campaign, and the Transcriber transcribes the events of the game.

Campaign One

  • GM: Unknown, will be either Porcy or Crystal
  • Transcriber: Unknown, most likely Crystal
  • This campaign will use the 5.0 manual, with some GM-specific rules carried over from the 4.0 manual.
  • The campaign's story will likely center around a group of girls in a club.
  • The campaign will most likely run from May 5 to July 28.