Magical ✩ Girls: Hunter Machine (魔法の✩女の子 : ハンターマシン Mahō no On'nanoko: Hantāmashin) is a fan series anime made by Toaster Sparkle.


In 1870, Yuna Hisakawa, a former magical girl succumbed after killing a witch. Miners saw her and tried to resurrect her but the girl transformed into a witch and killed all of them out of the barrier, leaving their remains behind. Five years after the massacre of the miners who have had turned into a police case, a group of magical girls tried to kill the witch but one of them used a wrong skill and imprisoned her in old ruins.

One hundred thirty eight years later, scientists investigated the abandoned place where happened the murder of twenty miners and have had found Yuna's piece of hair, they tried to pick her DNA and put the little hair in a genetic machine who started to form a baby through it but suddenly the machine exploded the laboratory and all the scientists died. A giant capsule who flied away of the machine ended up in a mountain with a nameless child who cried nonstop being heard by a old villager woman named Akira who was walking in the mountain, she peeked the baby from the capsule and started to take care of the baby girl and named her Naomi Nishijima.

Years after, after Naomi arrives to the city with Akira's older daughter after get married, Kyubey attended in her house and asked Naomi to do a wish. Now, she is able to know the truth about her past and with the friends she have made, she have to find the witch form of her "mother"... But the obstacles are big and difficult.


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  • The serie's name in japanese (Mahō no On'nanoko) was purposefully deployed to have a small difference over the name of the original series (Mahō Shōjo).


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