Magia Record: ALTERBATIVE is fans is a fanseries created by Marhaenaldi123, this story is mostly focused on Magami Yuuki, a reincarnated hacker from future real world.


a profesional mercenaries-hacker from 2020 die because his base caught on nuclear exposion suddenly wake up in new body, a normal highschool boy named Magami Yuuki. he plan to spend his life in peace and never step in dark side of world again, but he get a big problem, first the city he lived in was named Kamihama City, and second he acindently see blue haired girl transform into magical girl.

"wait.......dont tell me this is the world of magia record?!"

1 october 2010, the boy have half years before the "story start".

with the goal "to prevent tragedy" and the weapon "knowlage from past live", will the boy get "Happy Ending"?

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