Lotte Döring
Name Lotte Ann Döring
Age 15
Soul Gem Dragon
Contract Wish Unknown
Weapon A long knife-staff
Birthday June 5th
Height 164cms
Allies Anna Schmidt (current) Gertrude and Emily (both deceased)
Affiliation Herself, previously the Frilly Justice Club
Appears in Zaubermädchen Anna Magica

Lotte Döring is a character from Zaubermädchen Anna Magica.



Before ZAM

Meeting Anna

Lotte came across Anna during a scuffle with a fairly weak witch, in which she saved her as she was struggling. This does not seem to be out of pure kindness-she then told Anna to get out her territory afterwards. Anna protested because she lived in the town, but since Lotte realized that Anna would probably die if she fought a witch alone, so she took Anna on as her apprentice and said that next month they'd fight for the territory.


Years of fighting as a magical girl have taken its toll on Lotte's naiveté and general mental wellbeing. Lotte tends to be very aloof and introverted, fighting simply because she has to, and what keeps her from disappearing is the knowledge of what happened to her friends. She seems heartless and uptight, but can actually soften at times, or maybe it's Anna who's making her hope again.


It's probably an understatement to say that Kyubey is not in Lotte's good books right now.

Abilities and Powers


  • Long axe

Magical Abilities


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