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Lillyan Silver is the main protagonist of Puella Magi Schizo-Magica. She is a girl from the real world who entered the Puella Magi universe when she made a contract with Kyubey. Her personality is expressed in many ways; sometimes cold and brooding, sometimes very childish, sometimes overly cocky. This change in expression is shown to happen instantaneously. She is determined to find a Witch near an abortion clinic.

Lillyan as a Magical Girl

Becoming a Magical Girl

Lillyan is sitting in her room watching a video with a creature that she believes to be a Witch. Kyubey appears, asking about the creature, and offers to make a contract with her, an offer she at first turns down. She is very rude to Kyubey in her refusal, mocking his plans to turn her into a Witch. In response to this, Kyubey breaks down crying. Lillyan is confused by this, but Kyubey explains that Incubators have suddenly been gaining emotions seemingly without cause. The most common of these emotions is regret, pity on Magical Girls. He offers to make a contract with her again, saying he needs her help to fix the fate of Magical Girls and that he will do whatever he can to keep her from becoming a Witch. This time, Lillyan accepts his offer, including in her wish that she will not fall into despair (just in case).


  • Homura Akemi

-As Lillyan is hunting for Witches near an abortion clinic, she runs into Homura Akemi as she considers rewinding time to when Junko was pregnant with Madoka, and forcing her to undergo the procedure. Lillyan questions if Homura would really go that far to save Madoka from becoming a Witch, reminding her that Madoka is the reason she became a Magical Girl and that she is doomed to become a Witch if she tries to prevent it. She then corrects the promise Homura made to Madoka, saying that she herself was not fooled by Kyubey as Madoka detailed. The two then team up to defeat Walpurgisnacht, but the timeline must be reset after Homura tries once again to stop Madoka from making a contract.

  • Mami Tomoe

-Before she and Homura were set to transfer to Mitakihara High School, Lillyan helps Mami defeat Izabel. The two become roommates and Witch-hunting partners while Lillyan is "studying abroad". However, while Mami is battling Charlotte, she becomes distracted and is unable to save her. She is, however, revived after Madoka is sent to the Wraith universe.

  • Sayaka Miki

-When Lillyan transfers to Mitakihara, she walks with Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi to school. She later convinces Sayaka to make a contract to heal Kyosuke's arm. When Sayaka is about to become a Witch, she tries to intervene, but is held back by human nature. With help from Kyoko, Sayaka is later revived. Although, it is possible Oktavia will return...

  • Kyoko Sakura

-Lillyan takes the place of Homura in Kyoko's fight with Sayaka, being led there by a mysterious voice (Madoka is not present during this fight, as she and Homura are talking about Sayaka). She later helps Lillyan revive Sayaka.

  • Hitomi Shizuki

-When Lillyan transfers to Mitakihara, she walks with Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi to school. She does not know Hitomi, or many of her other classmates, very well. Unlike most from her world, she does not blame Hitomi for Sayaka's despair, but does suspect she may have played some indirect role.

  • Madoka Kaname

-When Lillyan transfers to Mitakihara, she walks with Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi to school. She warns Madoka about her potential as a Magical Girl and tells her to "never become a god". Although hesitant, Madoka heeds her warning and undergoes a different awakening.

  • Kyubey

-Lillyan seems to have the most civil relation to Kyubey out of all the Magical Girls in the first arc of the story, often providing a "sane" perspective to his motives. The two are on good terms with one another, but because Kyubey does not fully understand friendship yet, he only considers Lillyan his ally.

Doppel Quitterie

The Doppel of Respect. Its form is a body puppet. The master of this emotion seems much unlike her Doppel, as it has given up everything- even its emotion- to fight for the universe. If not for its master, it would believe its death to be saving the universe even now. It attacks with a swarm of its handsewn minions, whom it has made so excessively adorable that they are impossible to fend off.