Not to be confused with Kyousuke Kamijou, his MadoMagi counterpart.


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Kyle Knowles
Alias "Violin Boy" (Kacey)
Age 14-16 (Pre-Defenders)

30 (Post-Defenders)

Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Race Human
Allies Unnamed parents


  • Sabrina Mickey (Wife)
  • Saya (daughter)
Appears in Supporting:
  • Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION
Kyle Knowles is a Human from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.

One of Sabrina's (and Hilary's) friend, Kyle Knowles wishes to be a professional violinst. Until one day, he was unable to play again due to an accident. However, he was able to play his violin again due to someone secretly healing his hand. But, due to him attending violin lessons, he had less chances to spend time with the girls, although he tries to skip violin lessons to do that.

Although he had several disgust to Sabrina for becoming a Magical Girl, He actually cares about her. (No, really.)


  • Voice Actor:
    • Marianne Miller (English, Teenager), Yuri Lowenthal (English, Adult)
    • Seiko Yoshida (Japanese, teenager), Sōichirō Hoshi (Japanese, Adult)
  • Like his PMMM counterpart:
    • His crushes are Hilary & Sabrina.
    • His arm is broken via an accident.
  • Unlike his PMMM counterpart:
    • He had feelings with the 2 girls, rather than being insensitive, much to the chagrin of the Yuri Crowd.