Not to be confused with Kaoru Maki, her original PMKM counterpart.


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Kristen Magaret is a Human/Magical Girl from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family. She's sometimes known as Kaoru.
"I may have quit playing soccer, but it doesn't mean I would throw away my skills!"
―Kristen Magaret
Kristen Margaret
Alias Kaoru (nickname)
Age 15 - 17 (Pre-Defenders)

32 (Post-Defenders)

Color theme Orange
Weapon Football Boots (common)
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Race Human

Magical Girl

Allies Sabrina's Team:
Affiliation Sabrina's Team (current)
Appears in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!

Sabrina Fortissimo

Kristen Margaret (Nicknamed Kaoru by Michelle Kazusa) was once a Soccer Player, but due to the her leg gotten injured from a tackle, she ultimately quits soccer, and starts her normal life. Until one day: She decided to became a Magical Girl and made a contact with Morianna, and she regains a strong & flexible body, and gives the Witches a kick to the can, literally.

She usually partners with her friend: Monica, before she went MIA. After this, she joined Sabrina's Team, which is also helping Kristen to search her old friend.

Weapons/Magic Abilities

  • Kajiuria System - After being assimilated with the system, Kristen can use Magic Abilities.
  • "Full Boost" - Kristen can increase her magic's attack strength. However, due to the potential risk of overriding the system, Kristen would get killed if she further increases her Magic's strength.


  • Football Boots
  • Staff - Kristen's melee weapon. Barely used.

Magic Abilities

  • Energy soccer balls
  • Palla di Cannone - An extremely powerful football kick, driving a ball onto the target with tremendous strength.
  • Capitano Potenza - Kristen can change parts of her body into a durable, metallic substance via an attack.
  • Orange Phantom (Arancio Fantasma) - Kristen can create clones to attack enemies. Learnt from Kacey's Red Phantom.


  • Voice Actor:
    • Monica Rial (English)
    • Sakura Ayane (Japanese)
  • According to the Q&A in the Magical Molly! Magazine:
    • She is a fan of an author named "Aoki"
  • Her nickname: Kaoru, is an obvious nod to her Kazumi Magica counterpart's name.
  • Like her Kazumi Magica counterpart:
    • She is a Soccer Player.
    • She also got her leg injured during one match.
    • She wanted to protect Michelle Kazusa for the rest of the eternity. (well, same goes for the others.)
  • Unlike her Kazumi Magica counterpart:
    • She quits soccer.
  • Her cloning ability: Arancio Fantasma, is based on Maki Kaoru's "Rosso" Fantasma, only with the color name corrected.
  • Her English voice actress, Monica Rial, also voiced Anita in Magical Defenders.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese - クリステン·マーガレット (Kurisuten· māgaretto)

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