Kim-Ly Nguyen
Name Kim-Ly Nguyen
Age 14
Soul Gem Spiral shell
Contract Wish "I’ll trade my soul away to be able to move again."
Weapon Multiple cloth whips
Wish-Related Abilities none
Birthday May 15
Zodiac Taurus
Height 5' 1"
Weight 97 lbs.
Hair Color Dyed burnt orange
Eye Color Orange
Blood Type A-
Allies Skyla
Appears In Puella Magi Skyla Magica
Kim-Ly Nguyen is the stand-alone loner puella magi of Eclania. Underneath a cute and innocent facade, she is instead cold and cunning; concerned only about her own suvival. She lives by a policy of surviving only for herself and no one else, and because of this she is estranged from both her family and most of the other puella magi of Eclania.


  • Before she became a puella magi, she was an enthusiastic gymnast. After having contracted, she refrused to ever participate in any competitions or meets again, claiming that she would have an unfair advantage since she could take more falls and hold more weight than any normal human.
  • Shortly after she contracted, she used magic to turn her hair orange.
  • She goes to school solely because of the problems with being her age and out durring the middle of the day on school days. Because of this, she has very poor grades.
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