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Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plotlines described in the Fanon series. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled. We warned you, seriously.

The Kajiurian Gems is an object in the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family. The item is mostly referred as Magic Gems.

The Kajiurian Gems is an item developedand built by Homrue, and "distributed" by Morianna and Mikael, which they serve as contactors. Originally called the Kajiuria System, a device used for modifying Kajiurian Regulars, the gems also serves as a main source of the human females who possessed the system, which they called "Magical Girls". The magic did not completely merge with the human nerves, instead it enhances their ability. (Let's be honest, this is a hypothetical calculation by Homrue, because she had never tested one to a human before.)

In human form, the gem manifests itself as a compact ring. In Magical Girl form, the Soul Gem manifests itself as a piece of jewelry (for example, a hair clip or broach) on the girl's costume, in a form similar to the shape on the top of their perspective gems.

Most of the system's data was counterfeited by Arstera, and used to create Psuedo Kajiurian Gems.


  • Transformation - If necessary, an owner can transform into a Magical Girl as desired.
  • Magic/Weapon Summoning - When not transformed, any owner can summon any Magic and/or weapon via their respective rings.


Despite the Kajiurian Gems' stability, ignoring the cooldown and overriding the Magic will mostly kill the owner.


  • Like the Soul Gems:
    • When a Magical Girl transforms, the Gem transforms together with her and becomes a part of her costume.
    • The Magical Girl can also transform the Gem into a ring, which makes it easier for the Magical Girl to take it with her and not lose it.
  • Unlike the Soul Gems:
    • They were able to recharge for themselves, instead of using a Grief Seed to purify it.
    • The Gems does not contain the magical girl's soul, while the body is merely a husk that is controlled by the Gem.
    • The Gems does not turn them into witches, so don't worry!
    • The Magic Energy drains instead of being tainted.
  • (probably) due to censorship, their transformations to Magical Girls are instantaneous.
  • According to Homrue, only 50 gems are produced.
  • How the Gems work with male humans is up to anyone's guess.