Kaitani Haruka
Name Kaitani Haruka (甲斐谷はるか Kaitani Haruka)
Alias Haru, Haru-haru (nicknames)
Age 15
Soul Gem Teal, four-pointed star on choker on her neck
Contract Wish “I wish to be able to protect my family from whatever might happen to them!”
Color theme Teal
Weapon Naginata, shields
Birthday March 12th
Zodiac Pisces
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Teal
Race Human, magical girl
Home World Earth
Kaitani Haruka is a fancharacter created by Windra. She is a 15 year old girl in her first year of high school and a magical girl.


Haruka has teal eyes as well as teal hair styled in twin tails.


Haruka is a girl with a strong sense of justice. She'll stand up for anyone and everyone and is really happy when/if she can help. She's also quite confident in her abilities, sometimes going as far as to show off just because she can (and also getting in trouble because of that). She tries not to, but comes off as arrogant to some people. She can't say no and trusts people easily, isn't scared easily, is not afraid to take a challenge and puts her family and friends before everything else.


Haruka is one of her parents' two children, the other one being her twin brother. Her mother is the owner a restaurant, so the twins were around the food business as long as they can remember, learning first-hand from their mother. Her father also always was around, making her childhood a happy one. (TBA)

Puella Magi


Kaitani - composed from "kai" meaning worth and "tani" meaning valley

Haruka - has many meanings but one of them is distance, another one could be "spring flower" or "spring fragrance"



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