Jinna Asumi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Name Jinna Asumi
Age 12
Soul Gem Silver
Contract Wish Everybody you know is unhappy
Weapon Morning Star
Height Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Appears in Unconfirmed
"Sayonara Winning"
―Jinna Asumi

Jinna Asumi (神名あすみ) is a unconfirmed minor/supporting character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Appearance and Personality

Jinna Asumi features the traits of a sadistic being with no concern for others. As well as her serious exterior, she is often malevolent and sinster, sometimes even scaring off mere strangers with a simple glare. And despite all this, Asumi is a lonesome girl, which soon made her a cruel and cold person.


  • Morning Star: Her main weapon. (morning star) is extendible (as lance Kyoko Sakura)

Magic Abilities

  • Attack Mind (psychic powers)


Jinna had always been alone, even going so far as not to get along with her own family. This was caused due to her closed personality, her serious-shyness always getting in the way of things. Social problems didn't bother her, only that she was on the verge of war with her uncaring family. It became too much for Jinna and she just couldn't stand it anymore. Whislt at school one day, people started to get on her back about her and her problems. She was called cruel names, like "Emo" "Gloomy" "Stain on the face of the earth" "Fishing for compliments", etc. This was Jinna's breaking point. She was at a point where she was about to explode with rage. But she didn't. She wanted revenge. That day on her way home, she encountered a strange being called, "Kyubei". Kyubei had been summoned after her rush of angst, and offered her a contract in exchange for a wish. Jinna, desperate for revenge, instaneously agreed. After so, she wished that everyone who she despised would suffer a great deal, and it had been fufilled. At the time, Jinna realized it was not a girl or Puella Magi like others. She would live for herself, her affinity was it, others did not care.


Her witch form is called Entberliche Braut. She is the witch of madness and despair. It is not konown when it becomes a witch, but the reasons are because maybe regrets his desire and fall into despair and perhaps madness.

Trivia & Notes

  • There is an unknown comic where she goes.

See also

  • Jinna Asumi, Her Magical Molly! Reboot counterpart in the same name.