Hiyoko Adachi


Hiyoko Adachi (足立ひよこ Adachi Hiyoko)




Saitama, Japan


December 5th



Soul Gem

Light Green


160 cm




Toji Adachi (father); Chiaki Suzuki (kouhai); Aoi Enomoto (enemy)

Hiyoko is a main character from Chiaki ☆ magica. She's a veteran Magical Girl who contracted a year ago and now acts as a mentor for Chiaki.


Hiyoko has a curly light orange hair which reaches to her shoulders. She has a braid on the right side of her head, her skin is as pale as Chiaki's and her eyes are light green. As a normal girl, she wears a black jacket with a black skirt, a white bouse under the jacket and a red tie, as well as black socks and brown shoes.

As a magical girl, her outfit is police-like, she wears a green cap and a long jacket. She wears a medium.lenght skirt with a darker green tone and her top is another tone of green, which resembles a police uniform. When transformed, her soul gem is located on her cap.


Hiyoko is a very quiet, mature and serious girl for her age; she matured quite fast since she had to do a lot of things by herself as a kid because of her dad's job as a policeman, Hiyoko has a deep admiration towards her father and aspires to be like him one day. Her serious side can give an impression of a apathic and mean girl.

However, Hiyoko has a much gentle side that she only shows to people close to her, including Chiaki, She's willing to save people and give advice to her friends and father. She loves her dad more than anything, even as far as become a magical girl in order to save him from death.

Abilities and Powers


  • Gun: Her main weapon, Hiyoko can shoot bullets from short distances from her enemies, which she uses to slow them down and as her range-meelee attack, She can also summon multiple guns at once.

​Fighting Style

  • Hiyoko is a experimented shooter, able to shoot a foe far away from her current location. She is also able to summon her guns around her and attack many enemies within a small area surrounding her. Her guns have mutliple shots.


  • Healing: Because of her wish, Hiyoko is able to heal herself as well as her allies, her healing powers are rather powerful


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  • Her magical girl outfit is similar to a Policeman. Weirdly enough, it was based on a Chilean Policeman, rather than a Japanese one. This was because the author tends to associate green with police, which was chioce as Hiyoko's color theme
  • Her emblem is oddly similar to a cross.
  • Her fighting style is based off of the Ragnarok Online skill Desperado
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