Hilda Adams is a Human/Magical Girl from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Hilda Adams


Name Hilda Anderson (Birthname)
Alias Time-Stopper

The Violet Knight

Age 13-15 (Pre-Defenders)
30 (Post-Defenders)
Soul Gem Diamond
Color theme Purple/Black
Weapon Firearm/Time-Manipulator:
  • Various firearms
    • Gatling Gun
    • Rifles
    • Pistols
  • Various Melee Weapons

Via Knight-type Kajiurian Gem powers:

  • Sword
  • Shield
    • Sheath-able Blade
  • Two Transformable Rifles (When Hilda was the owner)
Birthday June 21st
Height 160-163cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Race Human/Magical Girl
Allies Current team:


Affiliation Team Quintet (Current)
Appears in Main:
  • Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!


  • Sabrina Fortissimo
  • Magical Defenders


  • Raven: Half-Human, Half-Witch (mentioned)

Cool and calm, Hilda Adams (born Hilda Anderson) is the brain & the leader of the team. She's a smart, graceful, athletically-talented person. As a Magical Girl, she possesses a unique magic ability: Time-manipulation. Before she regains a cold (but caring) personality, she was once a weak, shy & sweet girl, she was trained by an Elite Magical Girl: Tsubaki Mikoto, just to make herself a strong person. However: After she had failed for saving a civilian (and made a misguided fire to one too), Hilda had left Tsubaki, and fights Witches alone. Because of her current sociopathic behavior, she ultimately refuses to work with the other Magical Girls, which Hilda believes that her experience will lead them to their doom. After moving to Mikatihara High, while still a stoic loner, she met Molly Kelley, one of the members of a Maria Thompson's team, seems to understand her. After gaining confidence and some faith after several interactions to each other, Hilda decides to join the team, and become a secondary leader.[1] With her patience & her level-headed personality, Hilda successfully leads her teammates to victory. Other than this, she also can be a bit of a temper, and she had an occasional dislike to Sabrina Mickey. In some occasions, she usually sees her team as a family.

Despite being a great leader of the team, her mental stability is nearly-perfect: Hilda still has her fragile heart & mind due to her previous experiences. If a teammate is tortured/heavily injured/killed, she would become somehow mentally unstable (or even worst, go on a blind rage). At one point, Hilda had overcome this.

After her revival, She obtains her secondary powers, and transforms into a powerful Kajiurian Ritter-type with extraordinary abilities, under the nickname "Lila-Ritter (Purple Knight)"[2]

She had an older brother named Hyde Anderson, although she doesn't usually talk with him. (But she still cares about him)

Weapons & Abilities

  • Kajiuria System - After being assimilated with the system, Hilda can use Magic Abilities.
  • "Full Boost" - Hilda can increase her magic's attack strength. However, due to the potential risk of overriding the system, Hilda would get killed if she further increases her Magic's strength.

Her magic ability was mainly time manipulation. After she bears the Knight-type Kajiurian powers, she was gifted with a Sword, & A shield with a sheath-able blade, & two transformable guns. It was unknown that she still remains her time manipulation.



  • Knowledge
  • Marksmanship
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Swordsmanship - Hilda also gains the abilities of a swordsman, thanks to her new powers.

Magic Abilities

1st Form
  • Time Manipulation - Hilda can stop and resume time.
    • Time Reset - First used (albeit failed) in the climax of the second movie. When activated, Hilda can reset the timeline to go back where she started.
  • Unlimited storage facility - Hilda's Shield can store weapons & other items inside.
2nd Form
  • Time Manipulation
    • Time Reset


1st form

  • Various firearms - Hilda can use any firearms loosely modelled from Earth weapons. It fires a concentrated particle-beam.

2nd form

  • Sword - Her main melee weapon, a Compre-type weapon. As the blade were composed with Magical Energy similar to the Karvero blades, It can cut though several materials.
  • Shield - Her defensive device. Can store her sword and a pair of rifles. Able to withstand most of the physical attacks, including Alice Nachelle's punches. According to Homrue, the shield retains the Time-manipulation ability.
    • Shield-Gun - Can be activated if the user deploys the shield grip to the hand, while the two stored guns' barrel slides out from the shield. The grip has a build-in trigger, to accommodate the weapon's mode.
    • Blade - A short blade which can be deployed from the front of the shield, which is used when Hilda temporarily lost her sword, or dual combat.
  • Arma-Type Guns (Transformable Type) - A pair of convertible firearms, which can be converted into either Rifle or a Pistol in Hilda's will. The weapons can be stored in the Shield if not used.



  • Voice Actor:
    • Cristina Valenzuela[3] (English, all media)
    • Chiwa Saito (Japanese, all media)
  • Mottos:
    • I won't allow hope to be a lie nor mankind to suffer!
    • I may have lost my comrades, but I can't always depend on them!
  • Kajiuria Gem Types:
    • Time Manipulation type (destroyed)[4]
    • Knight type (current)
  • Her name, Hilda, is derived from Hildr (or Hild), one of the Valkyries in Norse mythology, a personification of battle, and also a common noun meaning "battle" in the Old Norse Language.
  • Like her Madoka Magica counterpart:
  • Unlike her Madoka Magica counterpart:
    • She did not turn into a devil.
    • Her parents are mentioned, while she had a brother.
    • In later seasons, she doesn't act too cold or cynical to her teammates.
    • She occasionally uses her old glasses as reading glasses.
  • According to the Q/A section of the Magical Molly! Magazine:
    • The reason that she never used the time-resetting ability is because she doesn't like using it. However she replied that she can use this if necessary.
  • Her username in the internet is "HomuHomu", which was also a reference of Homura's fan nickname.
    • Her full email address is ""
  • She occasionally plays gun games in the arcade.
    • Her arcade scoreboard name is "HMR", which can stand either as Homura's short form, or Hameru, a fan nickname from meduka meguca.[5]
  • As seen in the template, she ultimately loses her headband in a battle.
    • It was revealed that her headband is a gift from her mother, which she tells her to treasure it.
    • It is possible that she'll find it and place it on her wall in a later season of the series.
  • Despite that Molly being a central character of the series, Hilda Adams mostly provides the narration.
  • Hilda will have several casual outfits from a PMMM mobage game.
    Sr sorrow akemi homura 002 3

    Hilda's casual outfit

  • In one of the Episodes, Hilda losing to Alice in a shooting arcade game is a nod to the finals from Reddit's Best Girl contest 2014, which Homura loses to Asuna (which Alice shared her VA with).
  • MM!II-Hilda-marked-wounds

    This wounds will make her go into a coma, right...right!?

    After the second film'spremiere has ended, the producer's twitter uploaded an image of the Homura Akemi lineart, with red marks representing where Yuuri Asuka had shot Hilda.
  • There are two drafts revealed in the production notes before it was rejected by the behest of the producer:
    • Origins: This Hilda was originally meant to be an artificial clone (or maybe the perfect copy), replacing the real Hilda Adams, whom she died several years ago before she even met Molly & the other girls.
    • In the second season, Hilda was meant to turn against Molly & the others after being revived as a Dark Magical Girl (just like Homura became a devil, only that she uses her powers for good, even though she & Madoka are going to be enemies someday).
  • Hilda's Knight-type form shares several similarities to Tart's:
    • Both had a magically composed sword.
    • Both had armor parts on their outfits.

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