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The Hilda Adams clone is well, a Kajiurian clone from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family. Or maybe you're looking for her real counterpart ?
Hilda Adams (Clone)
Age None
Soul Gem Similar to Hilda Adams.
Contract Wish None
Weapon Similar to Hilda Adams.
Birthday None
Height Similar to Hilda Adams.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple

Red (during mid-transformation to Witch form)

Race Clone
Affiliation Arstella (creator)
Appears in Other:
  • Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION

One of the prototype Kajiurian clones created from Hilda Adams' blood, this duplicate is created by Arstella, and her duty is to destroy the real Hilda, and get close to Molly for getting a chance to capture her.

Weapons & Abilities

Her magic abilities was similar to Hilda Adams', but only a bit weaker compared to her real counterpart.

Witch Transformation

She can transform into a Witch at her will, however she cannot revert back to human form.


  • The part that the Hilda Clone (nearly) shot the real Hilda (with Molly by her side) is a reference to Homura Akemi shot glasses Homura for showing her despair in The Rebellion Story manga, except that both the real Hilda & the clone had the same looks.
  • During her transformation to Homulilly, her eyes glow into a red shade of purple, referencing Akuma Homura's eye color.

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