Haruno Kikura
春野きくら Haruno Kikura
Alias(es)The Princess of Heart
SeasonLolita Pop
NationalityAsian, Japanese
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorPink (Petal Berry), Violet-pink (Kikura)
BirthdateMay 4th
BirthplaceTokyo, Japan
RelativesHaruno Kagi (older brother), Haruno Kimi (younger sister), Haruno Sakura (aunt)
Alter EgoPetal Berry
WeaponRose Glow (Magical Staff)
Theme ColorPink (main), Rose Pink (sub), Purple (sub)

Kikura is the main heroine of the new series, Lolita Pop. Her alter ego is Petal Berry (ペタルベリー Petaru Berii?) and her aspect is nature. Kikura was titled as The Maid of Nature (自然の女中 Shizen no jochuu?).


Kikura's role is the lead protagonist of the movie. A shy and genial 4th grader has to keep up to make some friends. She can be almost tough when something or someone was bothering her. All of sudden, Kyubey tries to make a contract with Kikura, but she refuses to make wishes to make her special. However, she reminds herself that Kyubey can be a distracted wish and an enemy.

Family Relationships

Haruno Aki-Aki is the mother of Kikura.
Haruno Irou-Irou is the father of Kikura.
Haruno Sakura-Sakura is the aunt of Kikura.
Haruno Kagi-Kagi is the older brother of Kikura.
Haruno Kimi-Kimi is Kikura's baby sister.

Love Realationships

Yoshimitsu Roku

Friend Relationships

Hyuuga Pinata
Cascala Doveti
Madoka-Kikura believes in ghost, before she sees Madoka.


Kikura appears to be a fair-skinned girl at the age of eight years, with violet-pink short hair that her tip was curved.

As Petal Berry, her hair merges into a pink color and her hair grew long, if reached to her waist.

Petal Berry

Petal Berry is Kikura's Puella Magi ego.


  • Out of the ten girls, Kikura represents the heart, as of her icon.
    • Pinata represents the spade.
    • Cascala represents the star.
    • Belle represents the flower.
    • Candy represents the moon.
    • Ahako represents the angel wing.
    • Latte represents the clover.
    • Kirarin represents the diamond.
    • Kanoko represents the cross.
    • Gizette represents the sparkle.


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