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Dark Seeds is one of the Magical items created by Arstera, They can be used to create Witches/Demons from human beings into an uncontrollable monster.

Seed Types

There are two kinds of Dark Seeds:

Regular Dark Seeds

The normal Seeds can tranform civilians into Witches/Demons after being possessed with one. The victims affected can be restored to their normal state if they are defeated, with no memories of what is acutally happening, and leaves an empty Dark Seed.

Special (SP) Dark Seeds

Similar to the regular Seeds, however the victim can still remain as a Witch/Demon, and they will die along with it's form. Due to the fact that the seeds were being created with more powerful Kajiurian-related materials, only 10 of them were made.

If the female victim is injected half of the Seed's energy, she will become a Half-Witch. However there is one side-effect: The victim's memories will be mostly reset, making her can't remember her past, and her name.

The seed can also assimilate Kajiurian system-possessed Magical Girls, either dead or alive, into one of them.

Dark Seed Victims:




  • Kathryn's/Melody's Father
  • Raven: Due to her quick escape, she only injected half of the Seed's dark power, turning into a Half-Witch.
  • Scierra Yuuki: After her death for attempting to kill Kathryn and take over her place.


  • Unlike Grief Seeds, they are not used to restore the Magic Gems' depleted magical energies, since they can recharge the energy for themselves.
  • Like Evil Nuts, regular seeds turn people into Witches (females)/Demons (Males), and the victims return to normal after they are defeated instead of simply dying.
  • Creator-wise, the Seeds were created by Arstera. This sounds prettyyyy familiar.

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