The third episode of Anastasia's Magical Wish.


Thanks to Christine's wish, Courtney Kyandoru, a Puella Magi who usually prefers fighting alone, teams up with Stacey and Christine. Stacey recongnizes her, despite the fact that Courtney is not a Puelian. Later, Kyubey follows Courtney around, trying to know what she meant in her wish by "the truth". She says to leave her alone, and he leaves. That was when Stacey came into her apartment, realizing the fact she lives alone. Courtney secretly tells her that she wished that Puella Magis would open their eyes to the fact Kyubey had tricked them, and instead of telling Kyubey the "tricked" part, she just stated she wanted Puella Magi to realize "the truth".


Puella Magi

Courtney (debut)





Soon-to-be Puella Magi





  • A sky blue-and-pink haired girl wearing a pink shirt and overalls is walking to school with rather an angry look on her face*

???: (thinks: Komusome-san and Hibi-san.........where the heck are you?)

  • Christine and Stacey walk by*

Christine: So, Stacey-san, do you want to kick a witch's butt tonight?

Stacey: Sorry, but I fight witches every night. Is a break the least I can have?

???: Hey, you!

  • Christine and Stacey turn around to see the girl*

???: My name's Courtney Kyandoru.

Christine: Hi, Courtney! I'm Christine Hibi, and my friend is Stacey Komusome.

Courtney: I know who you two are, Hibi-san and Komusome-san.

Stacey: *stares roughly at Courtney*

Courtney: What?

Stacey: Nothing, except I think I've seen you before.....

Courtney: Anyway, I am a Puella Magi. I usually work alone, but all of a sudden, I felt like allying with you two.

Christine: *yanks her arm up and down with a cheerful look on her face* Yes!

Stacey: Hm.....Kyandoru-san, I'll be at your place tonight. *walks off with Christine*


Stacey: Relax. I need to find out whether Courtney was once human, or is Puelian.

Christine: How come you don't know?

Stacey: I think I've seen her before, but I have a doubt she's a Puelian!

(At Courtney's house that night)

Kyubey: (jumps on Courtney's shoulder) Why did you invite Anastasia Komusome here in the first place? More important, what the heck did you mean by "the truth"?

Courtney: Leave me alone. It'll be better if you stay out of it.

Kyubey: Okay, whatever. (jumps out the window and leaves)

Stacey: (runs in) Was Kyubey in here just now?

Courtney: I got him to go away. Anyway, Anastasia Komusome.

Stacey: Call me Stacey, or Komusome-san, like you called me earlier.

Courtney: Komusome-san, I am not Puelian. I was once human, and my wish....was that Puella Magi would open their eyes to Kyubey's tricks, except I confirmed that I wanted Puella Magi to learn "the truth".

End of episode!