This episode is about Chizuru and Satomi's wishes.

The Episode

-Chiziru wakes up-

Chiziru: Huh? Oh no, IM LATE FOR SCHOOL!

-Chiziru runs downstairs-


Muki: I-I don't know! I was... Uh... I GOTTA GO BYE!

-Muki runs out the door-

Chiziru: Wait, what?

Chiziru: CURSE YOU MUKI! It's your fault that I'm late!

Kyubey: Why are you talking to yourself?

Chiziru: AHH TALKING CAT! Ah, screw it. I don't have time for this!

-Chiziru runs out the door, all the way to school...-

Chiziru: SORRY I'M LATE! Muki forgot to wake me up!


Mrs Nail: Anyways, have anyone of you seen Monika? She's been missing for days...


Satomi: Chiziru, this is your 3rd time being late...

Chiziru : I know. Dumb Muki being lazy, Yuki and Rika having to get up late for their clubs...

Satomi: Oh, yeah...

Random Classmate: Hey, school got dismissed early!

Satomi: Great! Hey, Chiziru, wanna go to the coffee shop?

Chiziru: Sure!

-At the Coffee Shop-

Chiziru: Who is Monika, anyways?

Satomi: I think she's the girl from Canada, maybe?

Chiziru: Could be.

Satomi: A lot of people have gone missing this year, and the previous year too. My cousin, for example, disappeared 8 months ago. I think she was murdered and that the murderer hid the body...

Chiziru: Maybe ghosts are responsible for the disappearances? *"Maybe the talking cats?"*

-Back Home-

Kyubey: Ah, Chiziru, I was waiting for you.

Chizuru: Really, strange cat thing? What the heck is your name?

Kyubey: I'm Kyubey, and I'm not a cat thing. I'm here to make a contract with you!

Chiziru: A contract? What kind of contract:

Kyubey: Basically, you make a wish, I grant it, and you become a magical girl and fight monsters called witches!

Chiziru: Cool! Can anyone see you?

Kyubey: Nope, only magical girls and potential magical girls can.

Chiziru: Can I wish for more wishes?

Kyubey: You don't have enough potential for that kind of wish. One and only one wish!

-After le Thinking-

Chiziru: I know what I will wish for! I wish my friend Haley didn't have cancer!

-After Intense Pain in le Chest-

Kyubey: Congrats! The contract has been fulfilled!

Chiziru: What is this thing in my hand? An egg?

Kyubey: No, it's your soul gem. It's used to track witches and use greif seeds to clean it out. It's essentially your source of magic.

Chiziru: Greif seeds? What are those?

Kyubey: It's a thing you get from killing a witch. They're used for cleaning soul gems.

Chiziru: Okay then, let's start fighting witches!

Satomi: Wow, the 5 prettiest girls are missing. Why is it just the pretty girls? Dang...

Satomi: Huh? Where am I? WHAT IS THAT?!


Satomi: Chiziru! Woah! What's with the awesome outfit?

Chiziru: I'm a magical girl! Now excuse me, but I'm gonna fight a witch!

-After le Boring Witch Fight-

Satomi: Huh? Who's this?

Kyubey: I'm Kyubey, and I want you to make a contract with me to become a magical girl, and fight witches with Chiziru! Just make a wish, and I'll grant it!

Satomi: Cool! Well... I wish to never be made fun of again! I'm tired of those popular girls making fun of me...

Kyubey: Wish granted!

-Chiziru goes Home-

Chiziru: I'm home!

Muki: Kyubey? Why are you on Chiziru's shoulder? Did Chiziru make a contract?

Chiziru: Yup! And so did another girl named Satomi.

Yuki: That's great! Now we can fight alongside each other!

Muki: Woohoo! Starting tomorrow, we meet with Satomi and fight witches together!

~End of Episode 1~

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